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    Question [Solved] WF literary journal?

    Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by Naomasa298, Sep 20, 2019.

    I have a question - has WF ever considered publishing its own literary journal? It seems a logical thing to do, given that so many pieces are posted here and this is a forum full of writers.
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    we've talked about ezines and anthologies in the past,but the owner has some serious concerns about ensuring compliance with copyright... ie both making sure every contributor gives written consent for their work to be used and also how we ensure that the people submitting the work actually own the copyright to what they are submitting... WF has effectively no legal budget and a court case for IP violation could kill us

    The other consideration is that ezines, journals, anthologies etc are time consuming to put together to a high standard, and people tend to volunteer to do it with the best of intentions only to drift away after they realise how much work is involved... we don't want to start something and then have to stop it, or have our already overworked staff have to take it on.
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