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    WF.org Flash Fiction Contest Hall of Fame

    Discussion in 'Monthly Flash Fiction Contest' started by Lewdog, Apr 7, 2014.

    Here is the thread to appreciate the winners of each Bi-Weekly Flash Fiction Contest. Each person that wins will not only have their story linked to this thread, but also earn the opportunity to enter the end of the year Super Flash Fiction Contest. So congrats to all winners present and future!

    Contest #1 - "Naked Dinner"

    @Garball "Bacon"

    @Lewdog "Severance Package"

    Contest #2- "Quiet Class"

    @Garball "16B"

    Contest #3- "Uneasy Feeling"

    @peachalulu "Octopus"

    Contest #4- "Not Again"

    @Selbbin "There's Been an Incident"

    Contest #5- "Irresistible Impulse"

    @Garball "Monster"

    Contest #6- "Hidden Fear"

    @Paddybass "Introvert"

    Contest #7- "The Last Laugh"

    @Lewdog "Crazy?"

    Contest #8- "What in the Hell Was That?"

    @FrankABlissett "Hook, Line & Sinker"

    Contest #9- "Head Games"

    @Garball "Hair Bands"

    Contest #10- "Villains"

    @Nothingness "Nemesis Complex"

    Contest #11- "Moonshot"

    @Patra Felino "Moonshot"

    Contest #12- "Drunk People"

    @Who "Hey, Ho, Ho. Now Watch Me Go."

    Contest #13- "Obsession"

    @J Faceless "Prisoner Steve"

    Contest #14 - "Animals"

    @Lilly James Haro "The Hedgehog"

    Contest #15 - "Surreal Moments"

    @Lancie "Cats Rule"

    Contest #16 - "The One That Got Away"

    @Lancie "The Great Hunter"

    Contest #17 - "Demons"

    @criticalsexualmass "Demons"

    Contest #18 - "Scars"

    @lustrousonion "Embossed"

    Contest #19 - "Robots"

    @Sam Mills "Alone"

    Contest #20 - "Memory"

    @-oz "Thief"

    Contest #21 - "Time"

    @NigeTheHat "What's The Time, Mr Wolf?"

    Contest #22 - "Welcome to the Afterlife"

    @edamame "Hatching Day"

    Contest #23 - "WHAT'S IN THE BOX?"

    @Megalith "Devoured"

    @edamame "Curtain A or What's in the Box"

    Contest #24 - "Bread"

    @bumble bee "Esme's Gift"

    Contest #25 - "Ghost Fields"

    @Chained "Untitled"

    Contest #26 - "Cinders"

    @DefinitelyMaybe "Cinders"
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