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    I have only posted once of this forum and this post is a little bit of a continuation from that idea if you want to look at it. I questioned if this should be put in character development but I believe this is more to do with my overall plot - sorry if you disagree.

    My first "Main" character is a boy who believes he is just a normal boy living life like everyone else, his really family where rich with a blood line that runs back thousands of years. His family where slaughtered after a failed civil war and this boy was taken to another part of the kingdom where he is to live his life as a middle class person or an orphan. (I am currently basing the kingdom as the UK where the countries are England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales) That is all something I would like to stick to no matter what

    Once that has all been explained in the opening the story moves on about 10 years and this is where I need a little bit of help.

    Questioned Ideas
    - My first idea is that his family have a spiritual link with one another and animals. They can indirectly communicate with other creatures meaning that they can "tell" one another what they see, ask them to do something or even share memories. That leads me into the second idea.

    - I was thinking the boy starts to have dreams or visions about his family and just passes them off as bad dreams but the things he can see are not only from the past but from the future and present. Things he dreams about sometimes comes true so he starts to question things. I am not sure where I am going from there but should I use the idea that he can communicate with animals including humans though a spiritual link which gives him the visions or have another source for the visions.

    Either way I need to create some hurdles for my character to over come, what can get in his way and what could be the outcome of him learning his families past.

    Ideas for other stories lines that could interfere with this story line would be great I am only in the planning stages and will be spending another week or so coming up with ideas before deciding where the story should lead.

    I thought I should also tell you that my initial thoughts is that this characters family grows be it through other children who escaped, family members who where able to escape to other kingdoms be it if they are a child or not. Maybe one of the family members are still in the kingdom where they were slaughtered and is working closely to one of the families who helped kill them - obviously he was unknown at the time or maybe he changed his appearance through ageing, magic or whatever. Id like some other peoples opinions.

    I don't want any of these characters to be a Hero.
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    Okay so let me be sure I got this right.

    Your MC belongs to a special group of people who have some sort of spiritual or telepathic link with animals.
    His family was killed when he was very young and he was taken or saved (however you want to look at it) And he was raised in a different part of the country by a much more common / modest lifestyle and do not communicate with animals.

    As far as obstacles, what about the normal teenage angst of just being different from everyone else? His ability to communicate with animals probably has people believing he is either making stuff up for attention or some other reason, or if he is able to prove his ability to them (ie. have an animal do something he wants it to do in front of someone), then they get freaked out and don't want to be around him because they fear what they don't understand.

    He might have some internal turmoil as well, possibly thinks he is losing his mind. Maybe he was lead to believe that this family he is with is his birth family and he doesn't understand what's happening within himself. Especially if you make it where your character doesn't really start developing this link with animals and dreams until he reaches a certain age. Like before age 15 or whatever, he could do little things that he never thought twice about, like approach a strange dog and have the dog greet him like a friend, or be near a wild animal and feel calm and not fear around it, etc. But the real communication doesn't start until he's older and then the first time it happens it's by accident (maybe he is in a situation where he is facing an animal and thinking something to himself (I wonder if this horse would let me ride it?) and the animal actually telepathically gives him a response.
  3. Thanks, I have expanded some of the ideas here and I could definitely see them being used.

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