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    What Could Possibly Happen? ~ Canonical/(Fictionally)Historical Continuity Holes

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by isaac223, Aug 2, 2016.

    Isaac223 would continue to hurriedly peck away at his keyboard as words digitally scrawled themselves line-by-line on his document, stored safely on multiple computers and Google Documents. They were notes for nothing more than the world of one of his many (unfinished) projects -- or perhaps even the prototype of a Companion for such a project, with the amount of detail he poured into the notes bordering on "literally every single relevant thought."

    Isaac223 never plans to go into a lot of detail on a world -- and he never plans for one small aspect of the world to become something bigger than what it was before -- though as he's writing what little bit he has, he always ends up with millions of sub-thoughts connecting various pieces of the world together, and for them millions more sub-thoughts connecting the new with the new and the new with the old-- that is, when he's not plagued with Writer's Block and asking "writingforums.org" how to fix it. His mind becomes a jumbled mess of countless amounts of historical, societal, cultural, physical and supernatural lore for the project's canon. He both rues yet subconsciously feels proud of thinking of all this and bypassing his Writer's Block after months of taking a hiatus on working on his notes for his multiple projects, none of which he feels its likely he'll be able to finish regardless of how much he likes them.

    Finally, Isaac223 decides on which bit of world building he liked the most and begins to develop upon it. After a while of him jumping back and forth between putting forth legitimate effort on his notes and watching TV, reading or playing video games on his emulator(s), Isaac223 finally got past the majority of the world-building. He reads all of his work back to himself.



    ..................Wait a minute... Looking at the part of his world-building that ends up being the most prominent and complex (relative to the rest of his novel only), the supernatural lore, Isaac223 notices a few holes. And to fill them in would create more holes, or would end up with a "What could possibly happen?" Holes such as lacking an explanation, or a viable explanation. To fit them in with some other parts of the lore would be extremely difficult to do without forming new holes when various parts of one aspect needs to be changed. Someone managed to do something that explained a lot of the lore, but how was it done? Science, but... That couldn't totally work. Magic, but... It doesn't quite exist here, so to speak...

    Isaac quickly jumped to writingforums.org, a site with an incredibly helpful community and asked:

    "I have found various holes in the continuity of my novel's lore and am having issues attempting to fill them in. What are the best methods for one to use to fill in these holes, viably, without making more in its place?"

    Out of sheer boredom and wanting to practice his writing prowess for the sake of it, he wrote out a narrative accompanying the question. He figured he could also use writing fan fiction as practice and not make the wonderful writingforums.org community read his boring writing to get to his question, but ultimately decided that any opportunity to practice is best when taken. Finally, he clicked "Create Thread" and posted the thread and awaited a response.

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