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    What do I do next???

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by JasonW517, Mar 8, 2009.

    Alright, I have a short story almost done, a novella (which I just learned is hard to sell and it would be best to write a couple more and sell them as a collection *sigh*) done, and a novel started. I've been working on them for quite awhile now but for some reason I just can't find a straightforward answer as to what exactly I'm supposed to do with them next? In other words, what do I do to get them off my lap and into the great beyond?

    Should I send each piece, when finished, to an editor? Do I only send a novella or higher to an editor? When do I look for an agent? And which COMES first, the editor or the agent? Can anybody out there shed some light on this? Thank you.
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    Don't waste money on an editor. You should do all your own editing and proofreading, although perhaps you can have a sharp-eyed friend with a good grasp of writing take a look at it too.

    There is, as you say, not much of a market for novellas. Still, it probably is harmless toi send query letters out to those few publishers, if you can find them. Don't send a manuscript unless you get a response requesting it.
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    Agents don't represent novellas (unless you're someone famous) so attempting to get representation is a waste of time and effort.

    Finish the novella. Polish it. Have someone else read it (that you trust and is a reliable reader)--maybe more than one--and see if there are things you need to address. Fix those.

    Then seek a market and submit. While it's out on submission, work on something else while waiting for a reply. If it is rejected, submit elsewhere and keep writing...

    There are some novella markets. A lot depends on the genre.

    Try this link to a page on my website: ervin-author.com Market Search Sites

    It lists about a dozen search sites. Duotrope is probably the best (Ralans if you're into fantasy/horror/sf writing would be a close second).

    Good luck.

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    not unless you have lots of money to waste... as said above, you should be able to do your own editing, if you want to be a professional writer... to catch goofs you miss, a knowledgeable neutral party is best...

    see answer above...

    only when you have a completed, polished to a faretheewell, full-size novel/book to submit...

    see above... i don't know why you're so hooked on editors, but forget them and just get busy learning how to write well enough that you won't need one... or, are you confusing 'editor' with 'publisher'?...

    if your novella is for the adult market, i doubt you'll find any book publisher for it in the states, though some in europe do put out short 'airport' paperbacks... and it will be too long for any magazines, so my best advice is to focus on short stories or full novels, either of which will be much more marketable...

    hope this helps some... love and hugs, maia
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    There are actually a good amount of magazines and ezines that purchase novellas.

    Send them queries or whatever they prefer. You can read their submission guidelines.


    In the drop down menu choose novel. In the other drop down menu choose your category.

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