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    What have you read this year? Version Two

    Discussion in 'Discussion of Published Works' started by Jupie, Nov 27, 2020.

    I remember doing a thread like this some years back. Basically, it's a chance to reflect and list all the books you've read (if you remember them!). I think it's good to look back on how much you've read and what your goals are for the new year. It's also interesting to see the sort of books people read and if they have the same taste.

    My list then:

    Mystic River
    Bartimaeus Trilogy
    Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    The First Law Trilogy
    The Hunger Games Trilogy
    The Hobbit
    The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August
    Elton John - 'Me'
    The Devil in the Kitchen
    The Lies of Locke Lamora
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    The Stand
    Salem's Lot
    The Book of Dust - La Belle Sauvage
    Obama - The Audacity of Hope
    Obama - Dreams from my Father
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

    So all in all I've read 25 books this year. I may be forgetting one or two, but that's the crux of it. Lockdown has meant I've had more time to read.

    What's yours? :)
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    Far out
    I didn't write them down or anything, so I'll be working from memory. That means I'm probably forgetting something, and that I might even include a book or two I read last year. Anyways:

    The Trouble with Peace - Joe Abercrombie
    The Dragonbone Chair - Tad Williams
    The Traitor God - Cameron Johnston
    Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad
    Raising Steam - Terry Pratchett
    Wyrd Sisters - Terry Pratchett
    Going Postal - Terry Pratchett
    Monstrous Regiment - Terry Pratchett
    The Colour of Magic - Terry Pratchett (reread)
    A Brightness Long Ago - Guy Gavriel Kay
    A Farewell to Arms - Ernest Hemingway
    The Liar's Key - Mark Lawrence
    Kampen om Narvik 1940 - Frode Lindgjerdet
    The Time Machine - H. G. Wells
    The War of the Worlds - H. G. Wells
    Who Fears Death - Nnedi Okorafor

    A measly 16, then... That's not a whole lot. Next year I'll try to read at least two a month :)
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    Currently Reading::
    "Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell
    This is an awesome idea! Here's what I finished so far, in order.

    "The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry" -- Zevin, Gabrielle (★)
    "Ghachar Ghochar" -- Shanbhag, Vivek (★★★★ 1/2)
    "Legion" -- Blatty, William Peter (★★★ 1/2)
    "Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West" -- McCarthy, Cormac (★★★★★)
    "The Midnight Library" -- Haig, Matt (★★ 1/2)
    "The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love" -- Hijuelos, Oscar (★★★★)
    "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" -- Kesey, Ken (★★★★★)
    "The Family Fang" -- Wilson, Kevin (★★★★)
    "The Big Sleep" -- Chandler, Raymond (★★★★ 1/2)
    "I'm Thinking of Ending Things" -- Reid, Iain (★★★★)
    "The Catcher in the Rye" -- Salinger, J.D. (★★★)
    "Zero Saints" -- Iglesias, Gabino (★★★★)
    "Gather, Darkness!" -- Leiber, Fritz (★★)
    "The Overstory" -- Powers, Richard (★)
    "Nothing to See Here" -- Wilson, Kevin (★★★★★)
    "Crimson Peak" -- Holder, Nancy (★★)
    "Hamlet" -- Shakespeare, William (★★★★★)
    "Selected Stories of Anton Chekhov" -- Chekhov, Anton (★★★★★)
    "Mapping the Interior" -- Jones, Stephen Graham (★★★★)
    "You Should Have Left" -- Kehlmann, Daniel (★★★★ 1/2)
    "Prototype" -- Hodge, Brian (★★)
    "The Terror" -- Simmons, Dan (★★★★★)
    "The Last Final Girl" -- Jones, Stephen Graham (★)
    "Cloud Atlas" -- Mitchell, David (★★★★)
    "The Nickel Boys" -- Whitehead, Colson (★★★★★)
    "Exhalation: Stories" -- Chiang, Ted (★★★★ 1/2)
    "Stories of Your Life and Others" -- Chiang, Ted (★★★★★)
    "The Ninth Configuration" -- Blatty, William Peter (★★★)
    "Rosemary's Baby (Rosemary's Baby, #1)" -- Levin, Ira (★★★★ 1/2)
    "Catch-22 (Catch-22, #1)" -- Heller, Joseph (★★★ 1/2)
    "The Confessions of Nat Turner" -- Styron, William (★★★ 1/2)
    "Consider This: Moments in My Writing Life After Which Everything Was Different" -- Palahniuk, Chuck (★★★★★)
    "Entropy in Bloom" -- Johnson, Jeremy Robert (★★★★★)
    "Haunted" -- Palahniuk, Chuck (★★★ 1/2)
    "Swamplandia!" -- Russell, Karen (★★★★ 1/2)
    "The Stainless Steel Rat (Stainless Steel Rat, #4)" -- Harrison, Harry (★★)
    "The Witch of Portobello" -- Coelho, Paulo (★★)
    "The Underground Railroad" -- Whitehead, Colson (★★)

    I'm almost done with "Rabbit is Rich" (Updike ★★★★★) and "Waking Nightmares" (Ramsey Campbell ★★★). And I'll probably get another 5 books in after that.

    "The Overstory" was wretched. It was about as pleasant as a loaded diaper. It was agitprop and it sickens me to know the Pulitzer Committee would vote for this trash.
    "The Nickel Boys" was genius. I still can't believe it!
    "Swamplandia!" should have won the Pulitzer back in 2012. No award was given that year. I don't quite understand that. What's the point?
    "The Last Final Girl" made me very sad. I like Stephen Graham Jones a lot, but it just didn't work on paper. Not at all. (Though the idea of jump scares in prose was very funny.)
    "The Terror" is how horror should be written. The amount of research that was done really shows. I completely bought the setting.
    Ted Chiang may be some sort of savant. Very smart sci-fi that's about characters. Wonderful and surprising.
    "Nothing to See Here" is nearly perfectly realized. Very funny!
    No one thinks about sex more than the Mambo King, not even Rabbit Angstrom, and that's saying a lot.

    This was my best year for word count, but I'm not bragging because I know others who are at 150 titles so far. Next year I'll try for 60. That's about the best I can do.
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    Feb 20, 2019
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    Those who happen upon this list might detect a theme. Should you care, I rank books based on enjoyment, though if it's terribly written I am less likely to enjoy it. A book will earn a near-automatic 5 stars from me if I have to forbid myself from reading it before I finish my work for the day. Well, it's 1:22 a.m. and I have a lot of procrastinating to do, so here goes (I finished at 1:49, dang):

    Lava Red Feather Blue ****
    Belvedor and the Four Corners (Belvedor Saga, #1) ***
    Lycan's Blood Queen (Randolph Duology, #1) **
    Reyr the Gold (Dragonwall Series, #2) *****
    Talon the Black (Dragonwall Series, #1) *****
    Thorne Bay (Alaskan Packs, #1) *****
    Sleeping With Shadows (Of Courts and Desires, #1) ***
    Kingdom of the Wicked (Kingdom of the Wicked, #1) *****
    The Tower of Fools (Hussite Trilogy, #1) ****
    The Mask of Mirrors (Rook & Rose, #1) ****
    Secrets of the Starcrossed (The Once and Future Queen, #1) ***
    Darkness Unknown (Beshadowed Book 1) ****
    The Matriarch (Women of the Dust #1) **
    Thrift Store Trolls (Flea Market Magic Book 1) **
    Of Wicked Blood (The Quatrefoil Chronicles, #1) *****
    Spellcrest Academy: Year One (Box Set, #1) ***
    The Cup and The Prince (Kingdom of Curses and Shadows #1) ****
    The Lost King **
    The Wise One (The Scottish Scrolls, 1) ****
    Caught A Mermaid Romance (Sea Temptress Series Book 1) *
    Her Lord of Death: A Mythic World Romance ****
    Dragonspawn (The Dragonspawn Trilogy (Dracwyn Part 1) **
    The Witchbeast (Book 1: Awakening) **
    Magnar (The Wolves of Clan Sutherland, #1) ***
    For the Crown (Dragonwall Royals, #1) ***
    Fae Prophecy (The Fae Prophecy, #1) **
    Crowned A Traitor (A Hellish Fairytale, #1) ***
    Everwish *****
    Knight's Ransom *****
    Sentinel (Shadowborn Rebellion #2) ****
    Ora and the Old God (Of Ether and Silver, #1) *****
    From Fire and Shadows (A Tale of Six Sources, #1) ****
    Brimstone Bound (Firebrand, #1) *****
    Crowning Soul (Heart of Noorenia, #1) **
    Crown of Crowns **
    The City of Silver Light (The Bridges Trilogy, #1) **
    The Vanished Queen *****
    Birthspell (Lebrus Stone, #1) **
    Orb and Arrow: Book I: Exploration ***
    The Fifth Kingdom ***
    The Last Prince (The Coming of Áed, #2) **
    Firefrost (Flameskin Chronicles, #0) **
    Twin Daggers (Twin Daggers, #1) ***
    Legendborn (Legendborn, #1) *****
    The Key To All Things ***
    Shadow's Lyric (Crossing Daggers, #1) ****
    Fates of Ruin (The Ardentia Saga, Book #1) ***
    Chosen Ones (The Chosen Ones, #1) ***
    Rhodes (Angelbound Offspring #4) **
    Zinnia Special Edition (Angelbound Offspring #3) **
    Where There Be Humans ***
    Portia (Angelbound Offspring #2) **
    Calixta, The Vanquishers of Alhambra *
    The Kingdom of Liars (The Legacy of the Mercenary King, #1) ****
    The Princess Knight (The Scarred Earth Saga, #2) ****
    The Blacksmith Queen (The Scarred Earth Saga, #1) *****
    The Chalice and the Crown ***
    Mages Rising **
    Of the Blood (Heir of Blood and Fire, #1) ****
    A Girl From Nowhere (Firewall Trilogy, #1) *****
    Nightborn ****
    This Eternity of Masks and Shadows ***
    Memory of Dragons ****
    Ignite the Sun ***
    Queen of Corvids (Raven Crawford, #3) ****
    Until All Curses Are Lifted (Heart of Fire, #1) *****
    Odriel's Heirs (Odriel's Heirs, #1) ***
    The Shadow Wand (The Black Witch Chronicles, #3) *****
    Ruthless Gods (Something Dark and Holy, #2) ****
    Flights of Marigold ****
    Sisters of the Perilous Heart (Mortal Heritance, #1) ***
    The Obsidian Tower (Rooks and Ruin, #1) ***
    The Hidden King (The Coming of Áed #1) ***
    The Phantom's Curse **
    The Lost City (The Omte Origins, #1) ***
    Well of the Damned (Kinshield Saga, #3) ***
    The Fiery Crown (Forgotten Empires, #2) ***
    He Walks in Dreams **
    Woman in the Woods ***
    The Rite of Wands (The Rite of Wands, #1) **
    The Stone of Sorrow (Runecaster Book 1) ***
    Amethyst Pledge (The Albatar Chronicles, #1) ****
    The Silvered Serpents (The Gilded Wolves, #2) *****
    The Gilded Wolves (The Gilded Wolves, #1) ****
    The Morning Flower (The Omte Origins, #2) ***
    The Glamourist (Vine Witch, #2) ****
    Ember Queen (Ash Princess Trilogy, #3) ****
    Lady Smoke (Ash Princess Trilogy, #2) ****
    Faerie Forged (The Magicsmith, #3) ***
    Ash Princess (Ash Princess Trilogy, #1) ****
    Mageborn ****
    In Restless Dreams (The Phantasmer Cycle, #1) ****
    Ink & Arrows **
    Lord of Druemarwin (Crown of Tolem, #2) ****
    Blood of the Fae ***
    Lanterns In The Sky **
    The Ranger of Marzanna (The Goddess War, #1) ***
    The Age of Witches ****
    Master of Sorrows (The Silent Gods #1) ***
    Legacy of Ash (Legacy Trilogy, #1) ****
    Her Majesty's Fury ****
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    Lots of Shakespeare this year, and a lot of biographies and psychological stuff.

    The Writing of Science Fiction That Sells
    Bova, Ben

    How to thrive in the 21st Century
    Mela, Harvard

    Running the Light
    Tallent, Sam

    Something Happened
    Heller, Joseph

    Murder on the Orient Express
    Christie, Agatha


    Soseki, Natsume

    What Color Is Your Parachute? 2018: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers
    Bolles, Richard Nelson

    Normal People
    Rooney, Sally

    The Souls of Yellow Folk: Essays
    Yang, Wesley

    Houellebecq, Michel

    Reinventing Your Life: The Breakthrough Program to End Negative Behavior...and Feel Great Again
    Young, Jeffrey E.

    The Topeka School
    Lerner, Ben

    The Red Pill: A Novel
    Nelson, Blake

    Cool for America: Stories
    Martin, Andrew

    James Joyce's Ulysses: A Study
    Gilbert, Stuart


    Bailey, Blake

    King Henry IV, Part 2
    Shakespeare, William

    Shakespeare, William

    You Never Give Me Your Money: The Beatles After the Breakup
    Doggett, Peter

    The Easter Parade
    Yates, Richard

    Leaving the Atocha Station
    Lerner, Ben

    The Common Sense Of drinking
    Peabody, Richard R.

    Wired for Story: The Writer's Guide to Using Brain Science to Hook Readers from the Very First Sentence
    Cron, Lisa

    A Touch of Nutmeg and More Unlikely Stories
    Collier, John

    The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can't Stand Positive Thinking
    Burkeman, Oliver

    Running on Empty: Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect
    Webb, Jonice

    The Far Side of Paradise: A Biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald
    Mizener, Arthur

    Lerner, Ben

    Your Brain On Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction
    Wilson, Gary

    Alfred Hitchcock
    Ackroyd, Peter

    Moshfegh, Ottessa

    Meet Me in the Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock and Roll in New York City 2001-2011
    Goodman, Lizzy

    The Ramones' Ramones (33 1/3)
    Rombes, Nicholas

    The Bible, King James Version, Book 2 Exodus

    The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller

    Truby, John

    Revolutionary Road
    Yates, Richard

    Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk
    McNeil, Legs

    The Possibility of an Island
    Houellebecq, Michel

    The Road to Wigan Pier
    Orwell, George


    Shakespeare, William

    Richard II
    Shakespeare, William

    Animal Farm
    Orwell, George

    Jesus' Son
    Johnson, Denis

    Shakespeare, William

    Joyce, James

    Comic Lives: Inside the World of American Stand-Up Comedy
    Borns, Betsy

    Pericles, Prince of Tyre
    Shakespeare, William

    The Kinks Kronikles
    Mendelssohn, John

    The Porn Pandemic: A Simple Guide To Ending Pornography And Masturbation Addiction And Getting Back Into The Real World
    Ferebee, Andrew

    Conversations with Friends
    Rooney, Sally

    Dune (Dune Chronicles, #1)
    Herbert, Frank

    Nine Stories
    Salinger, J.D.

    King Lear
    Shakespeare, William

    Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion
    Tolentino, Jia

    Shields, David

    The Day of the Locust
    West, Nathanael

    The Merry Wives of Windsor
    Shakespeare, William

    Apropos of Nothing
    Allen, Woody

    Roth, Philip

    The Two Gentlemen of Verona
    Shakespeare, William

    Memoirs of a Madman
    Flaubert, Gustave

    King Henry IV, Part 1
    Shakespeare, William

    Letting Go
    Roth, Philip

    The Elementary Particles
    Houellebecq, Michel

    The Bible, King James Version, Book 1: Genesis

    Henry V
    Shakespeare, William

    Walker, Nico
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  6. Cilogical

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    Oct 29, 2019
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    So far, I’ve read the following...

    Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (Gail Honeyman)
    Good Samaritans (Will Carver)
    Woman On The Edge (Samantha M Bailey)
    Billy (Whitley Strieber)
    Asking For It (Louise O’Neill)
    London Call Out: Confessions of a Doctor in the Capital (Alex Rudd)
    My Absolute Darling (Gabriel Tallent)
    American Psycho (Brett Easton Ellis)
    The Dice Man (Luke Rhinehart)
    Talking With Psychopaths and Savages: Beyond Evil (Christopher Berry-Dee)
    The Cows (Dawn O’Porter)
    The School Friend (Alison James)
    The Happiness Project (Gretchen Rubin)
    The Girl With All The Gifts (M R Carey)
    The Boy in the Photo (Nicole Trope)
    The Chain (Adrian McKinty)
    Forbidden (Tabitha Suzuma)
    Anne of Green Gables (L M Montgomery)
    A Prayer for Owen Meany (John Irving)
    Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come (Jessica Pan)
    Autism in Heels (Jennifer O’Toole)
    Wishful Drinking (Carrie Fisher)
    When the Siren Wailed (Noel Streatfeild)
    Follow You Home (Mark Edwards)
    My Dark Vanessa (Kate Elizabeth Russell)
    Cows (Matthew Stokoe)
    Flashforward (Rober J Sawyer)
    The Help (Kathryn Stockett)
    Vox (Christina Dalcher)
    When She Returned (Lucinda Berry)
    That’s Not What Happened (Kody Keplinger)
    Anxious People (Fredrik Backman)
    The Girl Next Door (Jack Ketchum)
    These Gentle Wounds (Helene Dunbar)

    Most were a 3 or 4/5.
    Some 2/5
    Only one 5 star.
    Few 1/5 (John Irving, Brett Ellis Easton & Christopher Berry-Dee I’m looking at you!)
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    I can't remember everything I read, but here's what I can:

    Dune by Frank Herbert
    Analects of Confucius (trans. with commentary by Annping Chin)
    Mengzi: With Selections from Traditional Commentaries (trans. Bryan Van Norden)
    Humanity and Self-Cultivation (essays about Confucianism by Tu Wei-Ming)
    About half of Wing-Tsit Chan's A Sourcebook in Chinese Philosophy
    A bunch of Tang dynasty poems
    Gaspard de la Nuit, by Aloysius Bertrand (trans. Donald Sidney-Fryer)
    Complete Short Stories of Leonora Carrington
    Paris Spleen, by Baudelaire
    Illuminations, by Rimbaud
    Journey to the End of Night, by Celine
    Nadja, by Andre Breton
    Surrealism Against the Current: Tracts and Declarations
    A Menagerie in Revolt, a collection of essays, stories, and poetry by the surrealist Benjamin Peret
    Eagle or Sun? by Octavio Paz
    A whole bunch of stories and poems by Clark Ashton Smith
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    Just wanted to say that if you use goodreads, you can get a visual of your year in books: https://www.goodreads.com/user/year_in_books/2020/88249086

    Apologies, I don't know how to get to it other than clicking someone else's link and then clicking the banner at the top that says "get your year in books"

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