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    what i have learned so far in improving grammar

    Discussion in 'Word Mechanics' started by writerdude11, Jul 20, 2013.

    Hey guys, just thought I'd share on my latest experience in wanting to step up my grammar. I wrote down things I already knew and then added things I think would be nessecary and doable for me to improve on at my level of writing. As i was gathering information (which was maybe too much) I started to think this was impossible for me to learn since im finding learning grammar rules is like trying to learn a law book. But then as i started to read on how to fix the areas i wanted to improve upon, I unexpectedly learned i knew alot more about grammar than I thought, but still have a long way to go before im a professional at it. Which brings up two questions?, is learning grammar a never ending process of just repetition? I have a feeling it is but would jus tlike to hear from other experienced writers as well. Sorry for the long post, and have a great one!.
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    All of writing is a continual learning experience. And there are still obscure grammar situations that send me to my style guides, even though I consider my grammar knowledge to be well above average.
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    If I may be so bold: :)
    I know some of those errors were just typos.

    Try to keep your tense the same, in this case past tense.

    I took a lot of extra wording out, I've found myself removing almost every "just" and "really" in my own work. Those words don't add much as you can see when you take them out. The same is true with your use of "on".

    You could keep "just" in your sentence, "is learning grammar just a never ending process of just repetition?" But if you do, you should move it to the front of the clause rather than the middle of the clause.

    You don't learn a book, you learn the contents of a book.

    "Alot" does not mean "a lot", instead it means a fictional animal.

    And you don't need 2 punctuation marks at the end, or a question mark in the middle of a sentence.

    I do think grammar is learned by repetition, and making a list of rules as you go is one way to prevent errors you might otherwise repeat.

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