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    What ideas do you have for future pieces?

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Alstroemeria, Dec 14, 2015.

    What ideas are you harbouring for future pieces?

    Lately I’ve been dwelling on the subject of inexorability. I’m going to have a look at the part of Dostoyevsky's “The Idiot” which discusses the guillotine and the comparison to Myshkin’s inevitable decline, the helplessness of Meursault to kill and to be killed in Camus' “The Outsider”, and the second act of Behan's “The Quare Fellow”, in which the Fellow’s execution has been set on some terrible rails - I’m especially going to look at the part with the grave-digging. A piece based on this may take me a while to write if I want to pull it off properly, especially as I want to re-read “The Outsider” and “The Quare Fellow” before I do it, and, as I've never actually seen a "The Quare Fellow" performed, I'd like to look around the Internet and watch a video of the play being performed.
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    All of my unfinished pieces are future pieces.

    I have one that takes place in post-nuclear Russia, one that takes place somewhere in Scotland (more or less abandoned), and I occasionally work on this war story. Sometimes I will write one or two chapters that's about 200 or 300 words long and then do something else.
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    Ugh I have so many, some that i thought of for years before I even started writing my current WIP and some that I have thought about after. I really am trying hard to NOT think about any other story idea until I finish my first draft at the very least. I don't want to get excited about something I can't start yet you know?
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    Besides new titles in my Legends of the 23rd Century series, I have plans for:

    Stranded Aeliens Need Technical Assistance - A child discovers the true identity of Santa Claus, along with his motivation.
    Sir Orion: Champion of Murhaven - The sister of a banished prince is taken prisoner, and only one knight is up to the challenge of vanquishing the threat to the kingdom of Murhaven.
    Hospital on the Allotment - Toy Story, but with vegetables. Actually, a collection of short stories full of ridiculous and unforgivable puns.
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    Cave of Ice
    I don't typically keep too much planned, as I like to focus in on my current project. I have the project I'm just starting, which is essentially an exploration of multiverse/many-worlds theory--a plot event occurs that triggers a team-up between a demigod and a nerdy cosplayer who have to travel between different universes to collect the plot coupons required to save the cosplayer's love interest. Poking at traditional gender roles by having the nerdy cosplayer be female and the love interest getting "saved" be male.

    My other project is one I started briefly before taking a lengthy break from writing, which will likely be what I work on after my current project. A real-world story around a father and daughter--the mother died in childbirth, driving the daughter to self-harm out of guilt. Father and daughter have a strained relationship and have to work to restore it. That's all I really have, plot-detail-wise. I'll flesh it out more when I get to it, not before. Don't need extra distractions!

    I don't typically have any short story projects, but I do always check when a new contest comes up here just in case I want to take a crack at it. I usually don't :)

    Haven't written any songs in a while, and I don't really have any inspiration to do so at the moment.

    Other than that, the only projects I'd like to tackle are good, full-MS edits of my past novels. It's slow-going, but I am getting through one of them. No idea how long it'll take.
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    occasionally Oz , mainly Canada
    I've got a whole list.
    Some I know have been permanently scratched from the line up simply because new, better ideas, have taken their place. But I've been writing since I was fourteen so that's common practice for me. Some ideas also get absorbed by other stories - like my WIP bares such a close relationship to a novel I wrote in 2004 that I might scrap the planned rewrite on that one.
    Here's the main ones -
    September - my homage to Twin Peaks - :)
    The Dolls of Veras Crag - a humorous YA fantasy that takes place in the 80s ( mainly so I can revel in nostalgia ) my inspiration is one of my favorite YA books - Secrets of the Shopping Mall by Richard Peck.
    House of Cadre - a psychological horror
    The Bird Folk ( novella ) - a dystopian
    Moonlight, My Advantage ( novella ) - a drama/mystery inspired by my unchaperoned summers with my bff when I was 11.
    I'm hoping to get my WIP, In the Pit ( psychological dystopian novel ) done by spring so I can get started on one of them.
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    Virginia, United States
    I have so many. Too many. And I have a notebook for each one, so that when ideas come while I'm working on another piece, I can write them down and save them for later.

    -A sequel to my current WIP, about a girl who has to destroy the evil Death God who's seeking revenge on the world
    -An urban fantasy focusing on modernized golems
    -Another urban fantasy about an Angel of Destiny, working in a dark version of the afterlife to save humanity from an evil threat
    -A short story, fantasy-esque romance following a girl with a broken heart, who believes her dreams are from another dimension -- another her living happily -- and has such a strong desire to live there, she puts herself in a coma to dream forever
    -A sequel to above short story about the girl living in the afterlife and having to cope with her suicide
    -Another short story about a war between nymphs

    I think that's all so far.... lol
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    Far too many to list... even briefly. :)

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