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    what is a good title?

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by thayamoviete, Oct 5, 2011.

    I wrote a novel and thought of a title, but I'm not sure if it's good.
    what I originally named it was "The Unburied"
    the theme is pretty much: leave the past alone or it will come back and haunt you.
    I thought of The Unburied to refer to a past that wasn't buried or closed and kinda just left open.
    any ideas?
  2. Mallory

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    "The Unburied" sounds fine, but this is a decision only you can make, especially since we have so little information. I know the challenge of picking a title, though! :)
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    The title is the LAST thing to decide upon, not the first. Write the novel, then settle on the title. Anything you come up with before that should be considered a working title, subject to change at any time.
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    He did write the novel, according to the OP.

    @thayamoviete: For the title, can you give us a little more about the story? Where it takes place, character or two, etc.? Like the back cover description, maybe?
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    I always think it has to invoke a question in us.
    My story, then we flip over and read the synopsis, It tells us the premise and why we should hear your story.
    they work together in hooking you and then giving you a taste of the novel and its themes and issues.
    If 'My story' is about a woman in Vietnam being raped or a man with two wife's different people will relate to each differently.
    depending on other things like size and cover art other people might pick it up then also, but mainly the title hooks us and then the synopsis has to engage us. I have never read about with reading the synopsis and I don't know anyone who has. ( except the watchmen as it doesn't have one.)

    'The unburied' could be zombies, murder mystery, a secret, character development, romance, comedy and or nearly anything from gardening to archeology. Its with the your summary that you must catch me, engage me and set the tone, but not ruin the suspense. Its an art.
    The title must ask a question. I don't like the 'the' its a wasted word and I feel without it the title is more punchy. The normally insists on ultimately one, like 'the matrix' could not have been 'Matrix' or 'a matrix', because it is The only one, but The unburied is a little melodramatic if its not a horror. Unburied, I don't know feels incomplete, but its just a word.
  6. James Huston

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    FIRST thing I think about is a title... lol, okay it comes after characters, plot, and theme. But titles to be are an important creative element :)

    "The Unburied" sounds a little funny.... kind of like say The Blue or The Soft. I guess it's because I know you are trying to use Unburied as a noun, but it can also sound like an adjective..... so the title therefor needs another word, a noun, after Unburied. "The Unburied Past" for instance sounds better grammatically; not to say that your original title isn't grammatically sound.

    Your title works, and I have only made my comment as a casual observance.

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