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    What it means to be human

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Aarrcc, Dec 12, 2007.

    It has to do with a skeleton, a scarecrow, a robot, a doll jester, a homeless graffiti artist, and a doctor.

    The premise is that humanity has reached a point of stagnation after an apex of technological advancement and its ilk. Now, there is no death, no pestilence, no famine, no war. At least not in its original forms.

    Four inanimate beings are given life, although none of them are born into it easily. Each of them focus on a particular subtlety of life rather than the advancement of their own existence, and are therefore inhibited by differing ideas of biological need.

    The two living characters are based on the duality of divinity, one clutching at the archaic ideals of the avant-garde, the other doing all they can to help people that no longer require help.

    However, larger forces are at work for each of the characters, and all of them are caught between the futility of their own being, and a chance to make humanity contemplate its own self-worth.

    This is merely a brief summary of what I've thought out so far, and to completely know where a story goes is to limit oneself in their ability to write.

    Edit: I should have probably included a question or some such. Does it sound like a trite plot idea? Has anyone heard of a story that sounds anything like this?
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    I honestly could not follow much of that it was very confusing. In answer to your questions: it doesn't matter if something has been done before, all that matters is that you bring a new spin to an old idea. But seriously, I don't think I've seen this anywhere. :p

    From what I gathered, it's very good. Anything relating to grander concepts of humanity where questions are raised and explored wins points in my book. I'd go with it - your characters are certainly unique enough.
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    i don't see any plot here yet to judge... you need to set some goal/s for your characters to build a plot around, include an antagonist perhaps, and toss in some barriers they need to hurdle along the way... do that and you may have a viable novel, though it seems way too much for a short story... whether it'll be marketable or not will depend on what the plot is and how well you can write... definitely sounds different, anyway...
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    Sounds very interesting really, but has Maia says there's not much of a plot. I'd read it if you published it as a novel.

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