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    what should I do?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by LibbiShannon, Mar 3, 2014.

    I am in the middle of the first chapter of a story I have to write for school. It has to invole 3 key things in it, A teen pregnancy, someone getting sick and someone dying... I have though of a plot which involves a teenage girl getting pregnant, before she knows shes pregnant her boyfriend dies in a accident. The girl is from a wealthy well know family in Australia, she was raised by the parents workers and goes to the elite ladies college.
    Now the parts im stuck on is if her dad runs for Victoria Prime minister or Australian prime minister or just scrap the idea or make him work for the victorian goverment?
    And how/when the boyfriend dies, before she finds out or when she is in labour....
    Please help!!!!
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    This is your story--I don't think we can tell you these things. Though I must say that I'm not impressed with your teachers for demanding those specific things--do they think that literature is made by piling up drama until it all falls over?

    If it were my choice, I'd ramp everything down. I'd make the family plain ordinary middle class unknowns, I'd kill someone less important to her than the boyfriend, I'd make the illness a relatively simple pregnancy complication. This would force your focus to be on the characters and their situations. The movie Juno, for example, had plenty of interest without character fame or tragedy--a teen pregnancy alone is plenty of drama to carry a story.
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    It sounds like you have already decided on the plot. The questions you ask are more in the manner of dramatic flourishes and don't seem to relate to the plot in any critical way. If they do, you need to tell us what the effect is you are trying to achieve before we can help.

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