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    What would my villain do in this scenario?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Ryan Elder, Jun 6, 2016.

    For my story, the main character, a cop, has gone rogue and out to get the villains by any means necessary, even killing them perhaps.

    The MC has caused a lot of trouble and the police are looking for him. It gets to the point where the main villain, a leader of a gang, cannot take it anymore, and decides that perhaps the best thing to do, is turn himself in, taking blames for all the crimes himself, so his fellow gang members can go free. He doesn't want them to suffer any more than they have to the rogue cop, or the system in general.

    So he thinks he should turn himself in and take all the blame, so the MC will be satisfied, and stop his vigilante manhunt. However, first the villain needs to find out if the MC will be satisfied with his truce, before turning himself in.

    How would the villain do this? I mean he can't call the MC. The MC will probably not have his cellphone on him, cause he is avoiding be tracked by the honest police who are out to stop him.

    And even if he did have a cell, how is the villain suppose to get that number, without calling the police himself first, and have them wanting to know what it's all about first, etc.

    So how would the villain communicate with the MC? Would he use the media or the a website that cannot be traced back to him, or what could he do, to find out if the MC will be satisfied with his terms first?

    Cause if the villain turns himself in and takes all the blame, the MC could still kill his fellow gang members out there, and in that case it would all be for nothing for the villain. So what could the villain do to establish, if his truce will work, or be worth it?

    Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it.
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    What if he were to somehow pretend to be another cop, or someone else in the cop's system?

    Like, "Hey bro, I have some intel for you. We might have the guy, but he's only going to cooperate if we strike this deal. How should we proceed?"

    And then they correspond back and forth about it, where the cop thinks he's communicating with his boss at the precinct or something, but really it's the bad guy wanting to know how they'd handle it.

    I know nothing about cop stuff, or whether this would work or not, but maybe it will spark an idea.
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    If you want him to be able to talk with the MC, you could have him leave a message out there in the city that he knows the MC will be able to interpret - some graffitti somewhere or a symbol. It's a message that the MC knows means he wants to talk, or truce - some kind of "white flag." They could briefly meet or perhaps the MC uses a payphone to call to find out what Big Bad wants. Alternatively, you could have Big Bad send one of his boys as an emissary to arrange a meeting/phone call. As to how Big Bad can be certain MC will keep his word? I have no idea.

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