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    What Would Your Villain Do?

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Simpson17866, Aug 24, 2017.

    This has proven to be a very popular exercise Main Characters, so I thought I might see if we can get the same ball rolling for Villains.

    Which in my case would be the same people :twisted: but I imagine most of the writers here aren't doing that.

    What famous villain monologue does your villain most strongly disagree with?

    Syndrome's "If everybody's super, no one will be" from the Incredibles. We've had automobiles for over a hundred years now, and nobody's looking at marathon runners and saying "Who cares, I can do better than that with my machine," so why would everybody having rocket boots in Syndrome's future world make everybody dis the supers who can fly without them?

    The guy already understood human nature well enough to make a fortune selling the right inventions to the right people, so how'd he suddenly pick up the Idiot Ball about that part?

    Whole concept. If you're trying to do something, then why waste time talking about it?

    Raoul Silva's "Two Rats" speech to Bond in Skyfall. There are people who got burned by the agency like Silva did without turning traitor, there are people who turned traitor like Silva who hadn't gotten burned first, so why would anybody believe him when he said he turned traitor because he'd been burned before?

    When you leave a bunch of rats in a barrel with no food, they'll turn to cannibalism, and you can release the two survivors to hunt for other rats after they've gotten used to cannibalism, but that's only because it was already in the rats' natures to turn to cannibalism. If you dropped a dozen capybaras in a barrel, they would all starve because it's not in their nature to cannibalize each other the way it's in a rat's nature.

    What famous villain monologue does your villain most strongly disagree with?
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    This sounds like a touch of fun. :)

    I would have to say all of them. They don't find it worth
    the time to waste words when they have things to do.
    Makes them kinda ordinary, but if it is not important
    or something they feel the need to share, they will not
    wander off a cliff talking about their plans to anybody.
    Unless it is something happening right then and there,
    but nothing that will reveal their grander intentions.

    What is the dumbest thing your villian(s) have ever done?
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    Tiger khan : Leaving Blade alive when he refused to mutiny with the rest of my team was spectacularly stupid in retrospect, as was failing to capture Kane during the Circle coup... those two are a major pain in my arse now they've joined forces.

    What is the worst/most evil thing your villain has ever done ?

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