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    Where are these publishers??

    Discussion in 'Publishing' started by Block_Capitals, Jul 2, 2010.

    Every so often, I spend some time browsing the local book stores
    (Usually the larger chain stores) and I constantly come across a number of books in all of them (the same ones I mean).

    Now, The Authors are not well known and the books are nothing outstanding or original (Which I mean with respect and not negatively towards the book or the writer itself), so I have to ask...

    Where are the publishers that make this possible?
    After spending 3 days searching for a publisher for my book, this is my result.

    1) Sub-par self-publish websites.
    2) Semi-self publish companies that makes no real commitments or promises.
    3) Major publishers that only seem to deal with famous non-writers who have books.

    Where am I going wrong and am I missing some vital stage in the publishing system?
    Because I seem entirely unable to find an option/company where anything I write will even be within 5 miles of ANY store (based on the companies I've found so far).

    The goal is to have my book(s) in atleast some of the major stores, so ofcourse I would like to know where I can even make this a possibility.

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    first of all, if you've a novel to sell, you should be looking for an agent, not a publisher...

    if you have a non-fiction book, then there are quite a few small and mid-size publishers that will accept a non-agented query and you should start there, if you don't want to go the agent route...
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    Or sign up with Publisher's Marketplace and research editors and mail queries to them directly. You don't need an agent to sell a book. You do, however, need a great query and to do your research. :)

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