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    Where did men-at-arms train in a castle? Medieval ages

    Discussion in 'Research' started by Albirich, Jan 7, 2017.

    As the title asks. I wonder did they have some specific training yards around and about the castle? The Courtyard? Inside buildings, like a barrack?

    Also the city, where would one train there? I know there was no thing as "trainers" and that most learnt through being pages -> squires -> knighthood. This was the case for nobility, but I doubt the commoners had ways of becoming trained with sword unless they joined an order of some sort, which would have a fortification or house. Where I assume they had a specific quarter for training? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Thx for any help c:
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    Most of the time, it would simply be in the yard, however, most peasants didn't have any real formal training, and would learn as they travelled with the rest of the army. There are, to my knowledge, no "orders" that could be joined by the common man.
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    Well, remember: In the actual "middle ages", there were precious few full time soldiers. In times of war, peasants were called to comprise the majority of an army--at least in Brittan. They weren't trained. If I recall correctly, Harold at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 only had a few full time soldiers, known as the Housecarls--and they were his elites that I'm sure he probably provided for. Honestly the peasant's didn't even know which side to fight for half the time. That's why they had flags, and peasants were just told to follow theirs into battle.

    The reason for this was that there just wasn't enough resources for people to not be farmers. You couldn't really go to the supermarket and buy food. Unless you had a fief of peasants providing your meals, it was work, steal, or starve. Especially around the 1300's during the black plague, there really wasn't a lot of time for non-survival based activity.

    Now, if you want to harken back further in time and take a look at our good friends the Romans, those guys had barracks' for sure. Wanna go further back to Sparta? Those dudes started training to be soldiers at age 7. Also they had to kill a peasant assassination-style to join the cool kids club.
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    Plot 1369, Staff Yasukuni
    Love this!

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