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    Which trade magazines do you recommend?

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Clementine_Danger, Sep 6, 2017.

    I'd like to stay up to date on The Industry (ugh) and many people have recommended that I get subscriptions to some of the larger trade magazines. Unfortunately; poverty. So I have to be very, very selective about subscriptions.

    I write in the "genre" genre (you know, "genre fiction", that amorphous blob of space ships and wizard tits) so SF&F is a no-brainer, but are there any others you'd recommend?
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    The "industry" industry is probably best represented by Publishers' Marketplace, if you're looking at trade publishing. But it's wicked expensive ($25 a month, last I checked). I subscribed for one month when I was looking for an agent in order to be able to search their "deals" database, but I've never been a regular subscriber. They do have a Publishers' Lunch or something similar, a daily blurb of some of their top stories, for free. I subscribed to that for a while. Publishers' Weekly costs less, I think, and their website has quite a bit of free content.

    But really, I'm not sure it's necessary or even beneficial for an author to have an inside view of the corporate side of things. Publishing trends, sure, but you can pick up on a lot of that by browsing your local bookstore or Amazon's best-seller lists. A lot of agents have blogs of varying levels of insight--it might be worthwhile to look for blogs by top agents in your genre. And a lot of publishing companies have blogs or frequently-updated websites as well. Free is my favourite price!

    I find The Passive Voice blog pretty annoying (it's SO pro-Amazon, anti-trade-publishing, to the point that they're rabid cheerleaders even for Amazon's non-book enterprises) but it's not a bad spot to get some insight into what self-publishers are thinking. The Kindle message boards are supposed to be good, too, but I haven't spent much time there.
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