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    Who do you care about?

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Jenn24, Jan 22, 2017.

    Hello world,

    I'm seeking to collect stories of connection and caring in a divided world, and I thought I should start by asking those who love writing to share. I'd like true stories about someone you care about - family, friends, strangers, anyone! How did you meet, what have you done for one another... anything really about a connection you value. If you're willing, I'll post them on my little blog: [link removed] so that others in need of reminders that we aren't as divided as we think can read them too and feel a bit uplifted in a dark and divisive time. This not a project for profit or anything - just me looking for connection and hope as isolationism grows around our planet.

    I would love to hear your stories,
    Thank you,
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    I love my car. My car takes me to work. For two years he carried me forty miles a day, and forty miles, you people think is forty miles, but to me and my car it was a journey between two worlds. Early in the morning we departed Brighton, England, left the homosexuals, drug addicts in their beds and motored deep into Sussex countryside. Here everybody votes Conservative, a re-assuring assortment of cottages, green fields passed the window. Sometimes I took him to sixty, seventy miles an hour, other times my fingers hovvered over the gear stick, and I dragged him through gears, from fifth down to first sometimes if I paused at roundabouts. Always some idiot in his car passed our bonnet, then we accelerated away, my foot to the floor, or not quite, thinking fuel economy might get us both to the supermarket later in that day. Of course, we both liked a petrol station, but communicating with cashiers was often irritating to my lifestyle. I arrived at the farm after my drive, ready for a day's physical work, I called it hard labour, and the boys at the farm laughed at my enthusiasm. Thirst for poultry development (of mine) is legendary on the agri-scene.

    Now, more recently my vehicle has been sickly, not through the worn clutch of yesteryear. I had worn his clutch out before. My shame to decelerate through the clutch and not the brakes. DO not do this. Clutches are more costly than brake pads. I know, I know people who brake constantly ahead of your vehicle are intensely foolish, but if it saves your clutch then we might as well be fools.

    Where was I? Oh yes, car over-heated this morning, his needle flew into the red zone. I knew it was coolant leaking, or maybe the oil situation. Gently I provided him mechanical medicines at roadside. Gosh, I hope he makes it through the month. Otherwise, I must scrap my beloved Subaru Forester. I call him Forester. Without Forester, I might have to drive something little, something economic like a Fiesta. Can you believe that? I could never make love to a Fiesta.

    All best

    Mat Fox
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    PJ, the most beautifulifully stunning woman in the world. She has a child like innocence that will melt your heart. Her lips are full yet patite which you just wish you could spend a lifetime placing kisses upon them. Her smile that she flashes will brighten any day. Her braces just enhanced her beautiful smile. Her eyes are so deep forever pleading in their brownish splendor to be loved...in ways only a lifemate should be loved. Her touch sends electricity through every nerve ending. Her body is a sight to behold...skin smooth as glass...freckles that you can trace. Her wings are so soft and beautiful that when you touch them they send pleasure from your fingertips. Her nose is elegant and matches her high cheek bones. Her beautiful silky dark brown hair flows like the whisp of a wind and surrounds you when making love. When making love she uses every muscle to enhance the experience. Two lifemates lost in the annals of time only to come together as one beautiful being. True...crazy...love alwayz and 4ever and infinity more...

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