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    Who likes Undertale? :)

    Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by SoulGalaxyWolf, Aug 4, 2016.

    I loved the game when I played it the ending of the pacifist ending was just beautiful. I loved Sans and Papyrus, but sans is my favorite.
    Did anyone that play Undertale know of the other versions like under fell and Overtake?
    Out of these my favorite is Enjoyable. I liked the concept that Sans and Gaster fused together.
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    Jun 21, 2016
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    Haha, interesting topic.

    I really love Undertale. It was a game I knew nothing about going in because my best friend just sorta came to my house one day and made me play the pacifist run all the way through in one sitting. I actually wound up loving it so much that it's the only thing I've ever written fanfiction about - if you could call it that, seeing as my version has different characters and overall tone, but borrows a lot of elements. Every now and then when I'm bored, I write a little on it just for myself to enjoy. My version is far from the masterpiece that Undertale is, but I think it says a lot about how amazing that game is that I felt compelled to make my own version of the story in novel form.

    So yea, I like Undertale.:D
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