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    The Fall Of The Big Bad Wolf (1,865)

    I sat down in my chair and watched as the figure that concealed himself in the shadows turned away to light his cigarette and then turned back once his lighter went out. The burning tobacco the only light in the room. “So you said you have a story to tell me.” I said as I pulled out my note pad and pen, a reporter’s bread and butter.

    He paused a moment, took another drag on the cigarette and let out the smoke with a low groan that almost sounded like a growl. “Ya, I got a story for you, the truth about both the warehouses’ destruction that the news is all up in an uproar about.” I leaned forward, excitement building; this might get me a promotion if he wasn’t just blowing smoke in more than one way.

    “Sounds interesting.” I said trying not to sound to excited, but I’m sure I let a bit of my excitement slip, because he let out a soft dangerous laugh. Something about the way this guy sounded put me on edge, his mannerisms reminded me of a predator ready to pounce on it’s prey. So I annotated him down as the wolf. A good name to remind me of how he acted.

    “You’ll get your story, don’t you worry.” He assured me and leaned back against the wall taking another long drag on. “But first we need to talk about old king Cole.” He said and waited to gauge my reaction. Cole M. Samson, the crime king of this city, everyone knew it but no one could prove it. “The story starts out in a happier time, a time before the mob had to fear the cops. Back then Old King Cole was a marry old soul.” He said and I almost laughed but held it in, as he continued. “Back then he had everything just waiting at his beck and call. Mainly thanks to his brother Humpty, the smart one. Smart enough to look me up when he had tired of the mob business.”

    “Wait, didn’t he commit suicide?” I asked interrupting his story. He let out a sigh took another puff on the cigarette and breathed out slowly. “Sorry.” I said getting the hint, I hoped he’d cover all that in time.

    “As I was saying. Humpty came to meet me one day while I was sitting in my office. He looked nervous; he had the right to be. He had called me the day before to let me know that he wanted a meeting. So I got straight to the point and asked him what he had for me, what did he have that I could use to keep him out of trouble and get his brother into trouble.” He paused for a moment and allowed me to catch up on my notes and then continued.

    “He proceeded to tell me all about the three brothers that owned those warehouses that collapsed a few days ago. It turned out that they didn’t only own the pigs inside but they where pigs themselves, in a way worse than pigs. They got large pay offs from King Cole to dispose of the bodies the easiest way possible, feed them to the pigs.” He paused as I did, shocked for a long moment, and then he explained. “Pigs can digest just about anything, and that includes every part of a human.” He said rather coldly, and waited for me to begin writing again for him to continue.

    “So he told me this and promised that all I had to do was go down to the warehouses any night and get some pictures of it happening and then there’d be plenty of evidence linking the two groups. So me being stupid as I am agreed that I’d try and get the evidence. That was the last I saw of him. Not that he had died yet but it was to dangerous for him to visit me. To many eyes watching him. So I took the chance and a couple nights latter showed up at the first warehouse. I had parked a couple blocks away so as not to alert anyone and proceeded to sneak my way up to the building.”

    “Poor excuse for a building it was, hay actually spread on the roof to cover some holes. Combined that stuff rotting with a few thousand pigs and their waste and you got one heck of a stink. So I snuck into the warehouse, which was easier than you might imagine and found me a good place to hide, and waited for the black car to arrive.” He threw a picture over too me. I looked at it and noticed that it showed a black car, two men pulling a large black bag out of the trunk and that’s about it. It could have been a body but this wouldn’t hold up in court.

    “Could be anything.” I commented and I could feel his eyes even though I couldn’t see them. Gazing at me, knowing as well as I did that I didn’t believe that it could be anything.

    “If I had anything better would I be here talking to you?” He asked but didn’t allow me to answer before he continued. “Everything was going fine until that damned weak board broke under me. They opened fire but I was quicker than them, though a bit clumsy, after a bullet tore through my camera exposing all the film but the one I showed you, I was so shocked I didn’t notice the candles. They had them all around to help burn up the smell of the pigs not that they helped and I ran dead into a bunch of them, scattered them and they quickly caught the building on fire, I barely made it out myself, they didn’t.” He paused again as I wrote feverishly to keep up with his rather thrilling tail.

    “So the first warehouse burnt down as I walked back to my car hoping that my camera had somehow kept the pictures safe, as you saw they hadn’t been so lucky. Pig s^&^ burns fast.” He stopped hear for a bit, took another drag on the cigarette and slid down the wall to sit down. “In hind sight I probably should have given up while I had the chance but I was determined to get something on these guys so the next week I went out again.”

    “This time the ware house was guarded. Still, any investigator worth his name plate can sneak into a place when it’s convenient. So I made it in, hide myself real good again, and noticed that this place wasn’t much better than the first, beams rigged together with nails and sticks of wood. Why don’t these places ever get fixed, they just rot out until they fall down on their own, and that’s what happened to this one.”

    “I had managed to climb up into the beams to get a closer look at the men who arrived, again a body, and again I watched as they unloaded it and fed it to the pigs. I heard the beam crack just in time to let the camera drop and grab onto the beam as it swung me down and smashed through the wall sending me hurling with a two broken ribs and a sprained wrist. I limped away as the building came down on their heads. I didn’t feel sorry for them.” He said and snuffed out the cigarette and lit up a new one. I was scribbling as fast as I could before I forgot anything he said. When I had caught up I watched the red tip of the cigarette hanging in the dark corner he hid in glow brighter as he nearly finished the whole thing in one drag.

    “I was going to give it up, the next day Humpty had his great fall. He may have been the smart one but Old King Cole wasn’t stupid. He knew someone had ratted him out and could quickly figure who it had been. I would have gotten out of it if it hadn’t been for little red.” His voice sounded dreamy and wishful as he spoke the next part. “And my what big eyes she had. Blue, and beautiful.” He let out a laugh and added. “And my what big curves she had, man can’t live off eyes alone.” He joked, again reminding me of a wolf, the hunger, and ferocity in him, calm and deadly at the same time.

    “She was Humpty’s widow and she had come to me to beg me to put his brother in jail for the things he had done. Who could say no to a widow, who looked to be on the verge of tears the entire conversation? I promised I would if I could only figure out where to go next. She had the answer for that, the three pig’s mansion. So after my ribs and my ego had healed I grabbed my new camera and headed up to the rich part of town. Boy what a house compared to their warehouses.”

    “Beautiful hand laid brick house with brick walkways, and fountains and all kinds of fancy ornaments leading up to the house, and the only security protecting it was a gate. What luck they must have figured that I would never have the balls to do this, or that’s what I thought. I was wrong. They jumped me the moment I made it through the conveniently unlocked window. All three of them, plus little red.” I paused and looked up at him. He gave a short laugh; I could feel the hatred of the laugh.

    “My what a big mouth you have. I managed to say before the beating began. Then I was held down and they called the cops, you see they had cleaned out any evidence they had prepared for me, so when the cops showed up, they were granted permission to search the house to prove the false hood of my claims. That’s when I was arrested for the destruction of their warehouses and breaking and entering.” He paused as I finally figured out who he was. His mug had been all over the newspaper. It’s a big deal when someone that rich loses two warehouses and then gets accused of being murderers by the one responsible. He stood up and walked out of the corner. Smiled and gave me a nod as he walked past to the door.

    “You see the mob aren’t gonna let me live long, so I decided to pass on my knowledge long before they get me, good luck.” he said and walked out the door closing it behind him. I stood up from the chair and walked over to the curtained window, opened it up and looked out side. The sun was rising lazily over this corrupt city, and this man had put his trust in me to fix at least one problem the city held. To bad for him I was to smart for that. I’d let Old King Cole have his city, and I’d keep my life. To bad for him.

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