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    Winner CoffeePrince Short Story Contest 91 - Last Goodbye

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    CoffeePrince - On the Way to Making It Three

    It was a really hot day- record highs according to a barely functioning radio next to the bus driver. Without the air conditioner blasting out tundra level wind, it was possible- no, definite that someone wouldn't survive. As we crossed over the ridge road, it was a lot cooler and much more refreshing due to the shade. She pulled the window down and took a large gasp of air.

    "You should do this. It makes you feel so much better."

    He looked at her and then looked outside the window. With how long the canyon road was, it would be another hour before they would get to the destination.

    He cleared his throat and said, "You know-"

    "We wanted this didn't we?" She clarified.

    "I wanted it."

    "Too late to change anything."

    "It's not too late, we can go back."

    She pulled the window up as if she were going to get sick from breathing in the fresh air.

    "It's really nice here. I think I'd like to vacation here next time."

    As he pulled out a flask and took a sip, he demanded an answer. "We should do what you want to and we don't have to do this."

    "We really don't have to do anything at all."

    "We could. Is that what you want?”

    “I don't know.”

    She silently braided her hair while he once again took a sip from the
    flask. She turned her head toward him and asked, “What are you drinking?”


    “I thought you quit drinking.”

    “I thought I did too.”

    “It's a bad habit.”

    “It's only me and you. No one will know.”

    She paused and gently placed a hand on him. “Give me some.”

    “I thought you said it was a bad habit.”

    She painfully smiled saying, “It's not like it matters,” then reassured
    him, “It'll be the same as before.”

    “Depends on if you want to or not.”

    “Are you still up on that?” She asked as she grabbed the flask from
    him. She took a large gulp before making a disgusted expression. She
    coughed loudly and a child offered her some water. She once more painfully
    smiled. She waved her hand as if a sign to tell him that it was okay. Turning
    her head, she giggled, “It tastes like liquorish- the bad kind.”

    He smiled and said, “That's why I told you not to drink.”

    “You know what would be good right now?”


    “Some cold beer. Like those german ones at home.”

    He frowned and pursed his lips together before saying, “You don't want

    “I never said that.”

    “Yes you did. You should have told me. I knew you didn't.”

    “I told you I don't know.”

    “Do you want time to decide? We don't have to do this now.”

    “We're already at the end of the first. You know I can't in the second.”

    “I can find someone. Can't be too hard.”

    “No. We're already going, let's do it.”

    “It's not my choice. It's yours. You know that.”

    “It's both of ours- it always was and you know that.”

    Forced into a stalemate, the two of them sat there without a way to
    redirect the issue at hand. All they could do is continue sitting on that metal
    bus that kept going along the shaded canyon road.

    “You know what'd be nice?” She asked.


    “If we could see elephants.”

    “We have to wait until spring before the zoo's open again.”

    “I mean right now.”

    He chuckled, “You know that'll never happen.”

    “How about Africa for next year?” She asked.

    “What about Spain?” He countered.

    “We can always go to Spain, but Africa is different.”

    “Africa will always be Africa, but Spain is always changing.”

    She sheepishly responded, “I guess you're right. Spain then.”

    Time slowly crawled on until the bus left the shaded area behind them,
    behind an impenetrable ridge line. Up ahead was a very pristine looking bus

    She sighed, “I guess this is it.”

    “You know we can just go.”

    “We can't- you don't want to.”

    “Don't put this on me. I thought you didn't want to.”

    “I said I didn't know.”

    “Then now's the time to decide.”

    The bus slowly came to a crawl and stopped. People began filing out
    and the child that offered her water happily ran around with his mother. She
    smiled at the sight of it while he looked at her.

    He commanded, “Let's not do this.”

    “Why not?”

    “I don't want to.”

    “Yes you do.”

    He reaffirmed, “I said I don't.”

    “I thought it was my decision. I want to.”

    “You said it was our decision and I don't. Look, I love you and I would
    give the world to keep you and that's it. I'd be willing to give my world to
    have you.”

    “Please don't make it hard for me.”

    “I'm not.”

    “Don't make me decide.”

    “I won't.”

    Relieved she asked, “Really?”

    “Yeah, but I want to do this. You should get ready.”

    She stood there with her hopes held high only to have them crushed
    almost instantaneously. “I understand.” She cried in desperation.

    As he walked off to the bus station, she held onto her engorged
    stomach and played around with it. She cooed and held it as if were the
    most dear thing to her.

    She softly whispered, “Hello and here's our last goodbye.”

    As he walked back, she asked, “What were you doing?”

    He looked up at the bright sky and responded, “The next bus is in ten
    minutes, you want a lager or a normal one? That guy over there is selling

    She smiled happily and hugged him. She layered kisses over him.

    In response, he merely peeped, “Africa sounds nice.”

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