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    Winner Jonesy Short Story Contest 33: A Regretted Lie

    Discussion in 'Monthly Short Story Contest Archives' started by Gannon, Dec 3, 2008.

    Jonesy - Regret

    Vaf stood, leaning against the balcony. A yellow glow engulfed his back from the bedroom behind. Vaf looked out towards the city lights, to all the small ants on the ground, to the pairs of lights marching down a grey path. He swallowed, the certain type of a pained man. a tear rolled slowly down his cheek. He gazed to the moon, to the stars.

    Vaf turned to his face his bedroom, back on the balcony. He looked in, saw his king single bed, his tv, his couch, all expensive. He gazed to the picture on his wall, hiding the safe. He had it all, they'd say. What'd they know - shallow creatures. No, in his mind he didn't. One regret in his life, when he chose to leave his homeland for good. Leave it all behind and get a better life.

    Vaf turned back towards the city, looking down to all the people on the streets. Their life was good. Vaf eyed a couple walking lightly down the pavement, laughing and smiling. Vaf winced and shuddered. He spun around and drooped to the floor, he hung his head between his knees, and let it out. The salty taste of tears entered his mouth.

    One moment back, one thing to change. I'd give anything for that. I'd give everything for that. Everything.


    Seven years ago, back in his hometown. The night he left. It was a cold night, with a light shower of rain to set a sombre mood. "For a better life, eh, son?" Vaf's father's toothless smile felt warming. "Never forget, for a better life." Vaf's father placed a hand on Vaf's shoulder and shook it lightly. "You'll go far, boy. You'll make us all proud. That I know." Vaf smiled, he planned to.

    "I will, father." Vaf's father started shaking, a shiny stream under his eyes reflected the moonlight. "I promise I will." The shuddering stopped. "Father, thank for raising me. Thank you for who I am."

    The two men hugged each other, a final goodbye.

    Vaf walked to the dirt runway, a vibrating hum announcing the small plane awaiting him. The dirt was mud under his boots, and water was soaking through to his feet, steps were beginning to hurt. I must go on. For my family, my village. For my people. Vaf trudged wearily towards the plane, his one bag strewn across his shoulder. He approached the pilot smoking outside the cockpit. The pilot doused his cigarette and shook hands with Vaf. Vaf chucked his bag into the seat behind the pilot's. Vaf looked back at his footsteps, a path tracing to the village. He wiped a tear with his thumb. Be strong.

    "Vaf! Wait up!" Vaf looked up in surprise, Laura was chasing down his footprints getting closer to the plane. "Stay Vaf... please." Oh god, not now. Tears were streaming down her face. She wiped those away on her roughly sewn sleeve.

    "Vaf... Do you love me?"


    His tears had long dried, but the taste remained on his tongue. All of this, it is worth nothing. Nothing. He shakily stood up and went inside, immediately heading to his bed and wrapping himself in covers to warm. The shivering did not stop, his pillow soaked from tears.

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    good job, keep it up Jonesy
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    Wicked! Thanks guys :D

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