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    Winner NathanialRobb Short Story Contest 113: Insanity

    Discussion in 'Monthly Short Story Contest Archives' started by Gannon, May 8, 2012.

    NathanialRobb - The Complexity Of Insanity

    “May I ask why you are here?” the doctor asked looking at his new patient quizzically.

    “I’m insane,” the girl answered unemotionally.

    “Obviously, this is a mental health facility, what led to you seeking treatment here?” the doctor questioned looking the beautiful blonde girl right in the eyes.

    “I am not here of my own free will,” the girl replied rolling her eyes at the doctor.

    “You were referred here?” the doctor questioned.

    “It’s in my file is it not?” the girl replied growing tired of this game.

    “I prefer getting a feel for my patients in a formal setting rather than reading off a page,” the doctor replied, he too growing tired of the game.

    “I tried to kill myself,” the girl said sighing as she pushed her hair out of her face. “Was it really necessary to take away my hair ties?”

    “You will have to take that up with administration, I don’t make the rules. Would you like to tell me why you tried to kill yourself?”

    “I was depressed.”


    “Tired of life, especially people, I tire of their games.”

    “Why would that lead you to kill yourself?”

    “What’s the point of living if you can’t stand to be around people? Every day is hell. I can’t stand men, I can’t stand women. Is there any purpose to a life locked away in your room day after day all alone?”

    “Surely you don’t hate everyone”

    “I hate everyone, the only thing I love is my dog, but she’s old and she won’t be along much longer.”

    “What about your parents?”

    “My dad raped and beat me since I was seven, my mom did nothing to stop it.”

    “Perhaps she didn’t know.”

    “She knew, she could hear it, she could see it, she did nothing!” the girl shouted angrily the first sign of emotion the girl had displayed.

    “You don’t have any friends?” the doctor asked changing the subject

    “I merely have acquaintances.”

    “It says here that you’ve been in and out of mental institutions since you were sixteen?”

    “Yes, when my father died they blamed me, my mother couldn’t look at me anymore she was convinced I did it, her solution was to call me crazy and get me institutionalized.”

    “Did you kill him?”


    “You have no remorse?”

    “Only that his pain did not last longer. Only that he couldn’t feel the way I did,” she said completely unemotional.

    “Why aren’t you in prison?”

    “I covered my tracks.”

    “Patient confidentiality only goes so far.”

    “Unfortunately you can’t be tried twice, and they already found me innocent.”

    “Why did you bounce between foster care and mental institutions for the last few years?”

    “Had problems with the other kids.”

    “What kind of problems?”

    “They ended up in hospitals a lot.”


    “They pissed me off,” she said with a twisted smile.

    “You have no remorse for this either?”

    “No, they deserved what they got.”


    “Why not?”

    “Why were you released from these other care facilities so quickly?”

    “They found I was beyond help and they didn’t see a reason to keep me around.”

    “Do you think you are beyond help?”

    “I think I am broken and nobody can fix me, yes.”

    “I disagree.”

    “You waste your time Doctor.”

    “Why do you think that?”

    “I’m a sociopath; there is no medicine, no cure. I cannot be cured.”

    “Not all sociopaths are ‘broken’”

    “Yes but everyone that is broken is a sociopath.”

    “That’s untrue; evil does not fit into one category.”

    “I disagree, only a sociopath could pull off evil, only a sociopath has no regard for human life.”

    “What’s your name?” the doctor asked.


    “I look forward to getting to know you Jenny.”

    “You won’t,” she said smiling. “Now if you don’t mind I would like to get settled in.”
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    Thanks for the votes I appreciate it :)
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    Congratulations Nathanial! That was a pleasantly unsettling piece of dialogue...
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    Well, I hope you take this as sincere, given that I was a rival participant, but... well, the best man won.

    And God, Jenny DOES appear to be insane.
  5. Erato

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    Well, actually she sounds like me.

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