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    Winner -NM- Short Story Contest (65): Entirely Dialogue

    Discussion in 'Monthly Short Story Contest Archives' started by Gannon, Apr 26, 2010.

    -NM- - Transcension

    "What's going on? Ugh...where am I?"

    "Steven Beckett, step forward."

    "Who said that? Where are you? Why can't I see anything?"

    "Step forward Steven, into the light."

    "Argh, turn it down a bit, it's blinding me for God sake."

    "You stand before me now at the end of your life, do you have anything to say before judgement is passed upon you?"

    "The end of my life? You mean...I'm...dead?"


    "So...who are you?"

    "I am the creator of all things, the bringer of life and death, the shaper of worlds and the Father of all time."

    "You're God?"

    "If that is how you choose to know me."

    "So where am I now? Is this heaven?"

    "This is the space between worlds, you have not yet passed through to the other side. First, you must be judged."

    "Judged on what?"

    "On how you led your life. On how you used the time you were given in existence. On whether you are worthy to transcend into eternal bliss, or instead be casted away into eternal regret."

    "Now hold on a minute, this isn't fair. I didn't know I was going to die now...If I had known I would have done more, made more effort to live a good life."

    "You should not need the knowledge of your impending death as a spur to lead a good life, it should be done for others, not yourself."

    "But how was I supposed to know that? It's not as if you gave us any proof you existed..."

    "Proof of my existence would act as the same spur as the knowledge of your death, it would have made you lead your life in the hope of pleasing me, rather than to make the lives of those around you happier and better."

    "But I thought we just...died...when we died, so what was the point of wasting the little time I had worshipping a God who never showed his face?"

    "Worshipping me is not leading a good life, it is wasting it in pointless ceremony."

    "Then what is 'leading a good life'? What was I supposed to have done?"

    "There is no set path or description of how to lead such a life, it is down to each individual to find their own."

    "Stop talking in riddles and just be straight with me!"

    "Sacrificing your own happiness for the happiness of others."

    "So we're supposed to be miserable our whole lives then?"

    "In such an act, you find a greater happiness and contentment than you could find in any other walk of life."

    "This is ridiculous. Who are you to judge what actions are worthy or not?"

    "Without me, you would not even exist. I have the power to give you life and to take it away. This life was a gift bestowed to you, the most precious gift in all of creation. Who are you to waste such a gift?"

    "I didn't waste my life! I had a family - a wife and two sons. I cared for them, looked after them, put clothes on their backs and food on their plates! You're calling that a waste?!"


    "I mean...if you're God and you created everything...if you know how, why and when everything is going to happen from the moment of life till death, how can you even hold me responsible for my own actions? If everything is written out, all I am doing is playing the part you set for me. Nothing I did was of my own choice."

    "It is true I knew your life from beginning to end before you had even been born, but that does not mean I set your path for you. All your choices were your own, everything you did, everything you said, everything you thought, it was all you."

    "So if you saw me falling off the path, why didn't you point me back in the right direction? Or do you just get your kicks out of telling people they wasted their lives and sending them to hell?"

    "If I had intervened in your life, it would not have been a true representation of yourself standing before me now."

    "So this is it then is it? I'm dead and this is the end?"


    "So where am I going? Heaven or Hell?"

    "Neither exists, in the way you imagine anyway. They are just images...ideas your race have conjured up over time. There are no clouds, no angels playing harps. There is no pit of fire or devil. What you consider Heaven and Hell are both merely states of existence...or in the latter case..non-existence."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Your body is dead, it is your spirit..your soul that stands before me, still living. If I decide a person has lived a worthy life, their spirit goes on into the aether and lives for all eternity in bliss. If not, it dies completely."

    "What do you mean 'Bliss'?"

    "Human words cannot describe it to you."

    "Alright then...I'm ready. Make your decision."

    "My decision was already made at the moment of your birth."

    "So...what is it?!"

    "Your life was not wasted. If I had thought it was, your spirit would have died along with your body, not transported to me."

    "So...I get to go to Heaven then?"

    "If that is how you wish to know it, yes. Steven Beckett, your time has come...to ascend."
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    Don't want this to be the only winner thread without a response, so : "!"
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    Well done -NM-.

    A good short story, and a worthy award. :)
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    This is amazing the characters and plot advance without use of anything but dialogue, very well done :)
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    dude, this is great! I loved it :D
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    It was fun to read. Good job and congratulations.
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    Ah, thanks. Don't remember even entering this tbh. :p
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    I loved it! Great job, -NM-.

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