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  1. theoriginalmonsterman

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    Dec 3, 2014
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    Contest Winner! Winner of Poetry Contest #269 -- theme "Halloween"

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest' started by theoriginalmonsterman, Dec 6, 2015.

    Guess what @GingerCoffee you won! Congratulations! :superyesh: @Wreybies will be along to award your medal!

    Thanks to everyone else who participated in this contest as well!

    Until the next contest is up how about we all take a gander at GingerCoffee’s poem posted below.

    All Hallows' Eve

    Dark settles on the town like a blanket
    Fog drips down from the hills
    Moonrise sets the fog aglow
    Shadows darken with edges unfocused

    Children with painted faces and bags of candy
    Disappear through doors
    Eyes peer out after the children
    Checking that the path is clear
    Before the doors close tight
    Sealing the children safely inside

    Candles in Jack O Lanterns burn low
    Bats and owls stretch and stir
    Black cats silently pad across fence tops
    Stopping to pierce the air with eerie howls
    Something else moves in the night

    A late knock on the door
    Hesitation, it opens a crack
    Light spills from inside
    Trick or Treat? a small voice says

    It’s so late, are you alone? an answer comes
    Oh no, never. Mummy’s with me
    The kind face searches the dark path
    Wondering about a child so small, out so late.
    Chocolate bars drop in the bag

    Morning comes, the town awakens.
    Milk bottles clink on porches
    Dogs on leashes sniff where black cats passed
    Children sneak candy into lunch sacks
    Parents look the other way
    Memories of themselves awakened

    And on every doorstep oddly
    A single spilled candy
    Where it came from a mystery
    Brushed aside in disbelief

    Pretty spooky stuff :ghost: Hope you guys all had a great Halloween even though it's December now... :confuzled:

    Guess I'll see you guys over in the next contest!
  2. GingerCoffee

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    Mar 3, 2013
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    Ralph's side of the island.
    Hooray! I get one of those pretty inkwell and plume awards. :D

    Thank you all for your votes. :bigoops:

    Congrats as well to our three new members, @lackofyag, @I.A. By the Barn and @kimmyalan for three excellent runner-up poems. Mine was more story-telling, but the other three showed more poetry skills. :agreed:
  3. Wreybies

    Wreybies The Ops Pops Operations Manager Staff Supporter Contributor

    May 1, 2008
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    Puerto Rico
    Trala! Bestowed! :cheerleader:
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  4. I.A. By the Barn

    I.A. By the Barn A very lost time traveller Contributor

    Oct 26, 2015
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    Well Done!!!!!!!!!
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