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    Contest Winner! Winner of Poetry Contest #301 || Theme: Image #011

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest' started by theoriginalmonsterman, Jul 9, 2018.

    Congratulations! @Stormsong07 you've won! @Wreybies will be a long to grant your medal.

    With that being said, you can check out @Stormsong07's poem below. Next poetry contest should be up in a bit. Thanks!

    The Knight and the Dragon

    The young knight had heard of the dragons of old,
    the silver, the blue, the bronze, and the gold.
    He heard how they’d hurt men just to have fun,
    and vowed to set right all the wrongs they had done.

    He scoured the country, he looked all around,
    and finally learned where a gold could be found.
    He began to prepare, he vowed he would fight,
    He’d kill that old dragon, and set all things right.

    Then once he was ready, he went to the lair,
    And called out a challenge when he got there.
    “Hey, come out and fight!” he cried to the beast,
    “I’ll fight to the death! I’m not scared in the least.”

    An earthshaking roar arose from the deep,
    “Who is it who shouts? Who dares shatter my sleep?”
    The monstrous dragon emerged from the cave,
    with a blast of dank air like the chill of the grave.

    “Tis I!” said the knight, “who disturbs your long rest.
    Prepare now to die as I finish my quest!”
    “Oho!” said the dragon, “A challenge to fight!
    We’ll see who survives this, dragon or knight.”

    The battle commenced, and turned into a brawl,
    But neither would give, and neither would fall.
    A pause now to breathe, a small chance to just rest
    soothe the ache of the body, the heave of the chest.

    Each glared at the other, went at it again,
    They fought round the mouth of the dragon’s dark den.
    Both evenly matched, yet refusing to yield,
    A blow from the dragon then broke the knight’s shield.

    “Give up!” cried the dragon, bright gold in the sun,
    “For as you can see, I have surely just won!”
    “I won't!” the knight said, broken shield cast aside,
    “For I will not rest until you have died!”

    They fought through the night, and when the sun rose,
    it looked down to see them in an exhausted pose.
    Both sprawled on the ground, far too weary to rise,
    Yet anger still smoldered in the knight’s eyes.

    The dragon lifted his head and asked the young knight,
    “Why is it you hate? Why do we fight?”
    The young lad sat up, his fury not spent,
    “How dare you pretend that you’re innocent?

    “Your kind slaughtered my people, you ravaged and burned,
    I was taught of your cruelty, and well have I learned;
    Dragons are evil, you’re merciless brutes,
    You kill for the sport, and then hide with your loot.”

    “Ah,” said the dragon, “But is it really fair
    to judge a whole species by the deeds of one lair?
    For just like your villains, your thieves and black sheep,
    we also have those whose malice runs deep.

    “The dragons you speak of were killed in years past,
    Yet the hate of your people continued to last.
    You knights will not stop until you have won,
    You’ll kill all of us for the actions of some.

    “Just think,” he went on, “how long it has been,
    since you’ve heard new stories of me or my kin.
    I fear they’re all dead, my siblings and friends,
    And the time of the dragon now draws to an end.”

    With these parting words, he withdrew to his cave,
    while the young knight just sat there, silent and grave.
    He slowly got up and went on his way
    His mind stunned and reeling from what he learned that day.

    The young knight told tales of the dragons of old,
    the silver, the blue, the bronze, and the gold.
    He told how the knights had killed blameless ones,
    and tried to set right all the wrongs they had done.


    Thanks again to everybody that entered! I'll see you guys in the next one!

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    congratulations @Stormsong07 . This poem is perfect. Well done for writing it.
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    Thanks! This one was fun to write. Glad people enjoyed it!
  4. Lady Mars

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    Houston, Texas
    I really enjoyed this poem! With creative syntax and lore the writer created a poem that was meaningful and fun to read.
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    Playground of Dorothy and Tinman
    A well deserved win. I really enjoyed your poem. Congratulations!
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    How did I miss this? Love it.
    I can imagine reading it as a bedtime story.
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    A wonderful and gorgeous poem that conveys deep meanings in its symbolic style if could be said. Great indeed, you really deserve the winning.
    Congratulations stormsong07.
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