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    Contest Winner! Winner of Poetry Contest #317 || Theme: Gas Station Coffee

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest' started by theoriginalmonsterman, Apr 16, 2019.

    Congratulations! @Seven Crowns you've won! @Wreybies will be a long to grant your medal.

    With that being said, you can check out @Seven Crowns's poem below:



    a battered chevy idling
    at the cenex station
    the boy tops its tank
    fumes, winterized diesel
    his back hunched against
    the polar erasure

    after a martyr's patience
    dashing inside to meet his father
    behind the fly-specked glass of the lobby
    a dozen ranchers, neighbors
    eskimoed in goose down coveralls
    greet him as Jerry’s Boy

    JB, do you fancy a cup?

    a quick nod of agreement
    he's earned the ritual among peers (finally!)
    his fingers thick and unfeeling
    still prickling with novocain cold
    the men's eyes upon him

    like Sunday mass, he mimics his father
    but the taste is burnt popcorn
    or a cheap cigar wrapper
    (once sampled on a secret dare)
    he hurries to smother the stain of its flavor
    with powdered gem donuts
    his face brightening
    as the moment goes long
    all around him
    the men’s joyous laughter
    a jubilant choir

    wisdom is given:
    look before leaping
    except when you shouldn’t,
    flatter a pretty girl
    before she’s a woman,
    swath the back forty before the rains

    simplicity is holy,
    treat every man
    as if he's your brother,
    and (a firm hand on his shoulder
    pulling him among them)
    JB, never drink the dregs


    Thanks again to everybody that entered! I'll see you guys in the next one!
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    Congratulations @Seven Crowns . I voted for this one. I sympathised with the poor lad’s plight to be accepted by his peers, only to be pranked on. I also adhered with your author’s tone of compassion for the situation. Well written poem.

    @exweedfarmer - I came very close to voting for your poem also. It was my second choice, it moved along nicely.
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    It's a strong poem, @Seven Crowns. Unsurprisingly I favored my own entry, but probably would have voted for yours had I not entered. There were other strong entries as well. :write:
  4. Seven Crowns

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    Thank you. I voted for yours. I liked the imagery a lot.
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    Now I feel bad not voting for yours as I was tempted to do. :( Fortunately it won anyway.

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