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    Winner Short Story Contest (15) Ornaments (Leaka) Theme: Christmas

    Discussion in 'Monthly Short Story Contest Archives' started by Gannon, Jan 2, 2008.

    By Leaka

    Its a general Christmas day. The neighbor out shoveling the thick white snow after a long Christmas morning of the family opening their Christmas place. It also seemed like this Christmas had been a lot colder then any other day. Mariot stood on the front porch of the house.
    She had just gotten up and she had a warm glass of hot coffee in her hands. She sighed her hot breath rose up into the sky. She was wearing a pink bathrobe and pink pajamas. Pink is her favorite color. Her stomach elegantly gutted out for she was 4 months with child.
    "Merry Christmas," said a familiar voice.
    She turned around to her husband in his twenties. With a clean shave face and curly black hair.
    "Merry Christmas," Mariot said.
    Mariot walked back inside with her husband. They were a very happy family and they couldn't wait to celebrate Christmas with their child someday.

    Mariot saw the clutter of lined paper and pens on the wooden oak table decorated for the season with a candy cane table cloth. The papers were from last night they were planning on names for their child. What the child were to wear and what they were going to do for the nursery?
    Mariot smiled for she was happy with the outcome. They weren't going to make the same mistake as other parents. Blue for boys and pink for girls. They were going to go for a more standard color that would be good for both sexes.
    They wanted this birth to be a surprise.

    Her husband walked in the kitchen and smiled at her. He kissed her on the cheek gently. He smelled of clone and she wanted to keep him close. She noticed her husband had already clothed himself.
    He wore a t-shirt, In this weather, and blue jeans.
    "I'm going to be right back Allan I have to change," she said.
    She gently dashed up the stairs and walked into the master bedroom. The oak bed and Christmas color bed sheets were made nicely. She opened the white closet and picked out a black long sleeve dress.
    "Perfect," she said.
    She gently took of her pajamas. Almost as if cold winter wind had embraced her. She put on the dress and began her way downstairs.
    She then stopped and looked to the nursery. She smiled and rubbed her belly.
    "This will be your room," she said.

    She went downstairs and began to make some lunch for her and her husband. She decided to use some of the leftover ham to make them some sandwiches.
    "Hun I'm going make sandwiches," she said.
    "All right Mariot,"
    As Mariot began to make sandwiches she heard the doorbell ring. Mariot went to answer it, after all it is her job.
    She opened the door to see a grubby man with a western hat on. He smelled heavily of alcohol . He wore a black t-shirt and some blue jeans. Over his t-shirt he wore a jean jacket.
    He had western boots with spurs on it.
    "Hello their lady," he said in his Western accent.

    "Who are you?" she asked.
    "I'm family I'm your uncle Bill and this is your cousin Alex," he said.
    Even the mans breath smelled of alcohol and smokes. She saw the young boy who she didn't see behind beside the man since his larger stomach hid the boy so well.
    The boy didn't seem to old, probably fifteen, he wore a black t-shirt and a black sweater over it.
    The boy wore converse and looked your average teenager.
    "I think you have the wrong house," she said about to close the door.
    "What do you say?" the man asked blocking her way.
    "You may have the wrong house," she said.

    The man pushed himself in the house and shut the door. She now realized the boy had a box of ornaments.
    "Put those ornaments on the tree," he ordered her.
    "I'm calling the police," Mariot said.
    Allan finally walked in because of the commotion. He seemed a little startled for he didn't know these men standing in front of his front entrance.
    "Who are you?" Allan asked.
    "Allan call the police they broke in!" Mariot said frantic.

    For being so large Bill moved quickly like a lion or cheetah. He grabbed Allan.
    "Listen hear buddy you ain't calling no police you going to sit down and you are going to give my son the best Christmas he ever had," Bill said.
    "I don't follow threats," Allan said.
    Bill grabbed Allan and picked him up in the air. Mariot began to freak out he wasn't going to kill Allan. Bill placed him firmly on the sofa.
    "All I'm asking is for a Christmas for my son a good one," Bill said.
    "Fine if thats all," Allan said.
    Mariot looked at her husband wide eyed. And Allan shook his head and Mariot agree if this man wasn't going to hurt them then they were fine.
    Mariot grabbed the ornament box. She opened up the box to see many different kinds of sewn voodoo dolls.

    "Now we can sing Christmas carols ain't that right Alex," said Bill.
    "Right dad," Alex said his accent not as thick and slather on like his fathers.
    The day went by so fast that Mariot didn't realize that it is evening. She looked at the time 6o'clock. And she didn't seem to be having a bad time either.
    Bill actually was quite hospitable then what she thought. Bill told Mariot about the story about how Alex doesn't talk much after his mother died. And how his wife died.

    "Last but not least a Christmas feast," Bill said taking out a knife.
    He handed Mariot the knife.
    "Well hunt down the wild beast," Bill said.
    "I have ham in the refrigerator,"
    All the sudden Bill and Alex both laughed like maniacs.
    "We don't want ham girl," Bill said.
    "We want the man," Alex finished.
    Mariot immediately understood.She couldn't kill her husband. She dashed for the phone, but Bill caught her by the hair and sat her down.
    "I'll cook don't have to be in a hurry to cook for us since you've been a nice hostess," Bill said.

    They had been in the kitchen for some time. At first she heard the screams and death cry of Allan. Then she smelled herbs and the cooking of flesh it made her sick.
    Finally they came out with a giant feast. And in the middle of the dinner table her husband laid looking at her and tied like a pig. His blank eyeless face looked at her.
    She began to cry.

    "Don't be overjoyed by my cooking," Bill said with a toothless smile.
    That night they ate Allan. Mariot didn't know who was going to be next.
    "Well its time to collect our things," Bill said cheerfully.
    Bill walked out the door after collecting all the stuff.
    "Yes bye the way Merry Christmas," Bill said, "And thanks for the meal."

    They left Mariot to cry by herself. And later the porch stained in her own sauce.
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    Congrats to Leaka. Loved the story, loved the idea.

    Could've used a little bit of proof reading though.

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