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    Winner ValianceInEnd Short Story Contest 17 Theme - Job Interview

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    The Interview
    [961 Words]

    The intercom buzzed on, “Mr. Burns, Mr. Nalline is here to see you,” projected the small device.

    A fat finger pressed the outward button, “Yeah, sure. Send him in,” muttered the owner of the finger. He was a semi-large man in his mid-fifties with slicked back gray hair. A lavish black suit clung to his sweaty skin as he eased back in his leather chair.

    The door handle turned and let in a young, well-built man in his twenties. Timidly, he took in the surroundings of the large office, wrinkling his noise from the foul smell of cigarette smoke which hung thick in the hair. Closing the door, he shuffled forward with his eyes fixed on the older man.

    “Have a seat Mr. Nalline,” said the man pointing at one of the chairs in front of his oak desk. Mr. Nalline eased himself into the chair and set down his jacket and small portfolio. The larger man leaned back with his hands crossed over his belly, taking in the sight of Mr. Nalline for a few seconds before he abruptly popped forward.

    “So, Mr. Nalline, I see that you’ve found a calling to join the Milch Co. Family,” stated John Bradley Milch II, “Let’s have a look-see at that portfolio of yours,” said Mr. Milch in small half-smile. Handing over the greasy folder, Mr. Milch snapped it up and began sifting through it, his eyes running back-and-forth over the words.

    “You see Andy… if I may call you that?” inquired Mr. Milch to which Andy gave a small nod, “You see Andy, Milch Co. has no room for idiots and the like, so if you’re an idiot, I suggest you get the f**k out of here before anything goes to hell.”

    Andy stared in astonishment at the very serious looking Mr. Milch, sweat seeming to pour from fountains in his body. Mr. Milch’s stern face bore deep into him before it suddenly transformed. The old man burst out into a fit of laughter which lasted for several minutes until the tears rolled out from his drooped eyes. Recovering from this strange spectacle, Mr. Milch folded his hands on his desk and said, “I’m sorry, I just love to open up a conversation with a joke at the other’s expense. Please don’t be offended, but your face was absolutely hysterical!”

    Andy continued to stare at him for quite sometime, until his face cracked into a smile as well and he managed to say, “No, no sir. I’m quite used to it.”

    “That’s right you better f***ing be!” yelled Mr. Milch, again angrily. Andy again stiffened up and nervously looked around until Mr. Milch followed his previous pattern of beginning to laugh uncontrollably. After a second fit, which didn’t quite last as long as the first, Mr. Milch said, “All right, all right, enough of that m’ boy. Didn’t mean to induce you to such a cruel joke, just couldn’t help it. Moving along, I see that you have some of the right qualifications for the business world.”

    “Um, yes, I majored in business and got a masters at UCCLA,” stammered Andy.

    Mr. Milch fiddled around with the papers for a bit, and looked up at Andy, “So you think you’re qualified for a job like this, eh?” which Andy replied with a brief yes, “Do you know what Milch Co. really does? Do you know what the f*** we really do?”

    “Why yes, you… you’re an insurance company, ri-right?” muttered Andy, beyond confusion.

    “Yes, yes we are, to the public eye that is. Do you really want to know just what kind of s*** goes on around here?” Andy gave him an earnest which screamed yes to Mr. Milch, “Milch Co. is a top secret organization that has an army of employed mercenaries and assassins in every country in the world. If something big needs to happen or somebody needs someone else gone, we use our “influence” to take care of the job.”

    Andy squinted at Mr. Milch, expecting another sudden burst of laughter to come flowing out. Nothing happened for over a minute as Mr. Milch intensely eyed him, “Is-is this a joke?”

    “No Andy, I’m afraid I’m not kidding. We’ve killed thousands for others’ agendas to make money. It’s a brutal business, but it’s the necessary kind that keeps the income flowing. We hire a few “actual” employees that consult customers to keep a low-profile, but the truth is exactly what I just told you.”

    Nervously fidgeting, Andy asked, “So-so why’d you want me to come here? I have nothing to offer. Are-are you gonna kill me for knowing this?”
    Mr. Milch began rummaging through a drawer on his side of the desk, occasionally looking up, “I’ve killed a lot of people Andy. I may not have been the one to have done it, but I indirectly pulled the trigger on every life. It’s my burden, and it’s so hard to bear.”

    He pulled from the drawer a sheet of paper with text all over it. Passing it across, he pointed at an indented line on the bottom, “Please sign right there. It states that I completely pass responsibility to for the company directly to you.” Dumbfounded, Andy signed the line.

    “Well Andy,” said Mr. Milch, suddenly producing a pistol from the drawer, “Godspeed my friend,” after which he stuck the pistol to the side of his head and pulled the trigger. Blood stained his ’67 Corvette calendar hanging on the wall as Mr. Milch’s lifeless body heaved to the ground.

    The intercom came on again, “Mr. Milch, Mr. Cananderia from Sweden on the phone for you.”

    Andy reached over and pressed the outward button, “Um, I don’t think Mr. Milch is going to be able to take the call…”
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    Congrats, ValianceInEnd, an ace story that was. And my commiserations to everyone else, they were all brilliant stories :D
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    Congratulations on winning with a chilling story.
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    Congratulations! VIE. Well done, a truly great story and as Cogito said; chilling.

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