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    Words of insecurity

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by LazyBear, Dec 13, 2018.

    In software development for example, there are some words that only come up when someone's feeling insecure about given tasks. Lower bosses who doesn't dare to say against upper management, like to use "professional" and "quality assurance" to justify anything that goes against common sense and defeats the purpose, like writing regression tests without asserting anything about the the results, only to technically pass the line coverage criteria and look good in their report. This means that 0 of 100 random mutations are caught, and the product is utterly broken within a week.

    Which other words are signs of a malfunctioning workplace on the verge of mass resignation?

    Can you spot these companies from posted job ads?
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    From a job ad, perhaps not, but... I work as an interpreter and translator. Too often I see (read) people use the term "idiomatic speech" as code for "I'm not really comfortable saying".

    "This phrasing here in the third paragraph is unusual. Is that regional idiomatic speech or just an error?"

    "Doesn't 'idiomatic' cover pretty much anything that isn't standard?"

    "No, no it doesn't."

    When I hear or see that too often then I know I'm not working with people who are secure in giving a straight answer and are hedging to the side of PC politeness rather objective criticism.
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    Yes. By how often it appears and disappears. By how long it remains. By googling.

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