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    Would a criminal gang behave like this, in this case?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Ryan Elder, Aug 13, 2015.

    I have an idea for a story and would like to know if it gels.

    Basically their is a gang that has a mole in the police department. The mole begins to have moral qualms about what he is doing and towards the gang in general, when they take things to far.

    The mole wants to leave the gang, and the gang can see it, even when the mole fails to perform a certain crime for them that involves hurting someone. So the mole leaves and hides out from them, leaving home, out of fear of them.

    The gang figures that the best way for him to leave the gang without him being a threat is for him to kill or at least do a really nasty deed, so they have collateral on him to use against him if he turns. Otherwise he just leaves, with the collateral on him and will not tell anyone of his association with them.

    Now the gang tells him this, by phone, but cannot find out where he is. They tell him that when the time comes he will have to do whatever they ask, if he is to leave the gang. He agrees to it but only to give them some sort of assurance and to buy himself time.

    But the gang telling him that is just a ruze to lure him out of hiding, since he is not spending any time at his home. The gang actually intends to kill him, and their plan is just a ruze.

    A few days to weeks later in the plot, the gang has someone else that is a threat to them. The gang gets a threatening phone call from someone this person, and then moments later, a silent alarm to one of their facilities goes off, and warns them that there is a break in, in progress. A facility with evidence in that will incriminate them, if the evidence is stolen from there.

    The gang then decides to rush to the place to stop him before he can finish breaking in and take it. On the way, they also call the mole to tell him that this is his chance to get out, if he kills the guy, who is breaking into their place.

    But this still just a ruze. The gang figures now they can kill both characters, and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. But would they? Would they actually think of calling the other to come meet them, when they are preoccupied with dealing with the other one? Plus they would be inviting the mole to the place where they keep their evidence so they would have to be confident enough that it's worth the risk to kill two birds with one stone.

    What do you think?
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    Questions about whether someone would do something, or how they would react in certain situations, are really character questions. You're the only one who can answer those questions. As the writer, you have created these characters - the mole, the gang members, and everyone else. I don't know how'd they would react in a given situation, only you do. Humans have a wide range of reactions to a given situation, and any reaction you choose is viable so long as it is consistent with the characters or, if inconsistent, is an inconsistency that makes sense to the reader.
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    I agree with the above poster- what your characters do is up to you. You need to establish this gang within your story, give them their own characteristics and gang rituals and then see if the plot flows as you write it. Personally, I could see this working. Maybe have a look at some documentaries about prisons and gangs to really see gang culture in the real world. I think that would really help you imagine that sort of scenario as you've not experience it yourself.
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    It's plausible, if that's what you're asking (disregarding whether the personalities of the gang members would allow them to do what you say). I think it's an engaging plot.

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