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    Would this characters plan be able to work?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by JimS, Mar 24, 2020.

    For my story, the protagonist, a detective wants to bring down the gang of villains and of course he needs a way to get evidence on all of them for an arrest. I was thinking that the leader of the gang could have leverage on each of his members as insurance, so it's sort of a "if a guy down, you go down" policy.

    So the leader has leverage on each of them, and it's all kept somewhere. The protagonist finds out about this, but he doesn't know where the leader is keeping it, and has to find a way to get the leader to lead him to it.

    The protagonist finds out that another cop, who was killed off earlier was secretly working with the gang. He figures that the leader had leverage on him to. So he decides to trick the villains into making them believe that angry rogue cops after them, to avenge the death of their friend, who they did not know was working with the gang.

    The protagonist manages to make them think that one of their gang members has been murdered by the rogue cops possibly. But this is false and the gang member has currently been taken into custody, and they cannot find him, or reach him on the phone.

    So now that the villains believe that rogue cops are after them to avenge their friend, they fear for their lives now. The protagonist is hoping this will cause the leader to want to change the rogue cops minds on avenging their friend.

    The leader can change their minds by sending the police the leverage he had on the dead cop, because the leverage, will prove to the rogue cops that their friend was working with the gang secretly, and this will cause the rogue cops to loose respect for him, and not want to avenge him.

    So the leader now has a reason to go to where the leverage on everyone is, to go get the leverage on the dead cop, and thus leading the protagonist, to where all the leverage on everyone else is.

    But does this plan sound like it could work enough, that it's worth the protagonist to try?
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