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    Would this work?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by ChrisGallagher, Mar 22, 2010.

    With all the recent commotion about the Iranian nuclear programme, and after a bit of market research, I am wondering if maybe it would be time to write a mystery/political thriller on the subject.

    Basically, what I'm thinking is that somehow (TBA) gets its hands on weapons grade uranium, and (avoiding detection by the IAEA) produces a new series of nuclear warheads to fit inside their Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.

    This leads my protagonist on a seemingly unrelated trail (Not releasing too much on that yet) which ends with the discovery of an Iranian agenda for bombing the west.

    Just checking if this plausible, and if it would be realistic enough for a current-affairs thriller. Any ideas and suggestions very welcome (Criticism too).
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    A story concept means nothing. I can tell you now, it has been done before. What matters is how you write it, the characterization, the flow, the imagery, all of it.

    There's no benefit in asking what other people think of the concept! They'll either say,"Sounds great," or, "it sounds like a ripoff of..."

    If the idea stirs you, write it. Then ask people what they think of the final story. After they tell you what they don't like about it, revise it, usually several times, until you're happy with it or until you throw up your hands and say the hell with it.

    Please read this thread about What is Plot Creation and Development?

    As for plausibility - last night, I watched a very popular 1960s movie, screenplay by Roald Dahl, about a scheme to start World War III between the USA and Russia by snagging manned space capsules in orbit. It had ninjas, and a secret base inside a volcano, and somehow the baddies decided that snatching capsules from orbit was more cost-effective than just shooting them down.

    The movie, of course was the James Bond film You Only Live Twice, and it was hugely successful despite its ridiculous premise.

    Write your story, and write it well. Don't worry so much about the premise. :)
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    that's not even the bare bones of a plot, so there's no way of telling if it would work, or not... as cog said, write the thing first and then ask if it worked...

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