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    Write what you know emotionally

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Alan Aspie, Feb 11, 2019.

    - Write what you know.
    - Yeah, yeah... We have heard that.
    - Write what you know really means write what you know emotionally.
    - Huh?
    - You must have had long lasting emotional turmoils in your life. Why? How?
    - Not gonna tell you.
    - Write about them!
    - Not gonna let anyone know them.
    - Write about something similar.
    - What do you mean?
    - If you got rejected because of your pimples, then write about someone who got rejected because her naturally curly legs or his annoying habbit to...
    - Ok, ok... Write what you know emotionally.
    - Like...? If I was very annoyed because this boring besserwisser Aspie from Finland...
    - What besserwisser As...
    - Then I could maybe write about "my besserwisser ADHD friend from Sweden..."
    - What besser...
    - And make that "friend" even more annoying and more besserwissering and more parochial...
    - What be...
    - And I could pour all my frustration and anger and loath and everything to that character and..
    - What...
    - ...and I would be writing what I know emotionally. Yeah. Sounds good. Thanks!
    - What...
    - And I would really, really like you to be my betareader. I wanna see your face while you read about that annoying bastard I'm just developing in my mind!

    Dear board friend.

    Write what you know emotionally.

    Don't think. Start. Write. Write here. Write somewhere else. Write to you napkin. Write to your mirror. Write.
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