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    Writer Compiling Arizona Guides – Feedback Welcome

    Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by michaelgavin2004, May 25, 2008.

    Writer Compiling Arizona Guides – Feedback Welcome

    Hello fellow writers. I guess that I am just another freelancer that is entering this awesome writer forum and resource. I am glad to be here and wanted to use this post in the lounge to tell you about some guides I have written that relate to the state of Arizona. I am trying to compile a list of in-depth guides that detail anything and everything in AZ. From restaurants to bars, to nightclubs, to making it as a band—you name it, everything AZ. These are written just for fun, nothing more.

    So far I have created 44 guides – on a newer site that makes it really easy and it’s free. My favorite posting thus far was the guide on where to find beautiful women in Arizona (men) and the best Steak Houses in Arizona. If you have any ideas or suggestions for future guides please let me know by commenting on this thread and posting your suggestions. Currently I am only writing about Arizona as this is where I live. But if you want to write your own guides feel free to sign up and make sure you give me a shout out…I always love reading new material.

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    Write on everybody!

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