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    writers block

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by madholman23, Oct 3, 2007.

    I have a problem and I'm wondering how unique it is. Over the past several years circumstance has required me to write lots of very log and varied letters. I really trained myself how to write in the letter genre and now I'm having a damn hard time transferring those skills to fiction writing. I produced so many letters and journal entries I've literally beat my laptop to death. Not a single key still has it's markings.

    The real difficulty for me is not constructing paragraphs or putting together good sentences that flow into one another. It's more of a conceptual issue, plotting, character development, that kind of stuff. it continues to elude me. And so I bounce around from two-three page sketch to sketch -- this has gone on maybe a year - and never produce anything complete.

    Is it time I threw in the towel?

    What are so good sources of plot stuctures?

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    Different types of writing (journaling, short fiction, novel length, nonfiction/article), while having many similarities in what is required, do have a different skill set that needs to be brought to the forefront for each project. Sometimes it can be difficult to shift gears.

    I don't know what length you're shooting for with your fiction, but possibly try short stories or even flash fiction, and work up to longer works of fiction? Maybe even trying your hand at poetry for a month or two might jostle things up just enough to shake loose what you're seeking to employ.

    Just a couple of suggestions...Good Luck!


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