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    Agents Writing A Humorous Query For A Humor Book?

    Discussion in 'Publishing' started by frigocc, Sep 18, 2019.

    Basically, writing an absurdist/humorous sci-fi book, inspired by writers like Douglas Adams and Johnathan Cleese.

    I'm still in the writing process, but should be in the querying process in a little while. With that said, I was wondering what you guys thought about using a humorous/witty query to pitch my humorous/witty book. One full of small jokes, witty wordplay, and humorous phrases.

    Would this serve to convince them of my humorous edge, and potentially be more likely to actually read my sample? Or would they not appreciate my lack of professionalism, and laugh me out of the process? Thinking more along the lines of major traditional publishers, possibly Big 5.
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    That one. From what I hear, agents hate hate hate any type of gimmick in a query. Auto-rejection.
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    It's even worse than that. There will also be eye-rolling and lots of laughs over lunch...but not the kind the OP wants.

    Do your query professionally and let the actual work get you the laughs.
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    Your query should reflect the voice of your manuscript, but at the same time be professional and non-ginmicky. Simply put, it's impossible to advise you without seeing the actual query. Giving the agent an idea/hint of your humour is a good thing. Stuffing it full of humurous phrases and witty wordplay will likely get you laughed right into the rejection pile.

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