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    Writing a Postcard Story

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by DvnMrtn, Feb 22, 2009.

    For my creative writing class I have to write a postcard story which is a story that consists of ~250 words. I was wondering if anyone out there could lend me some tips on how to effectively construct a story in such limited space. I know I have to limit the story to one main character and can only have limited action or dialogue.

    I've decided to do my story about an old man who is told by his doctor that he is going to die unless he receives dialysis. The epiphany at the end is the mans decision not to undergo dialysis and die peacefully.

    Any tips on how I can turn this into an effective piece? I can't really decide on the point of view, how I would construct inner dialogue, or how long of a time span the story should be. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Be concise
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    Obviously description and dialogue will have to be at a minimum.

    What kind of POV were thinking of writing it from?

    I would say for such a low word limit you could do it first-person as a sort of monologue from the old man's perspective. Otherwise it would need to be really to the point and a have some meaningful sentences.

    Where in a novel a whole chapter could be used to set the scene for the doctor saying the man needs an operation, you will have to sum that up in a few sentences. Try and use meaningful sentences allowing the reader to reflect upon the life decision of this man.

    Apart from that all I can wish is good luck!

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