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    Writing a story about an guardian angel

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by jenniwrites, May 9, 2020.

    Hello I have an idea for a story where a young girl Loses her parents in a car accident (caused by a drunk driver) her brother saves her
    However this siblingThis older brother is actually her guardian angel He dresses up as a superhero for her But she doesn’t know that he’s a superhero

    They were sent to a temporary neighbor As a shelter but then while the brother is it in the sister in the hospital social worker comes in And states that they are going to be separately in foster homes

    My question is How do I go about this concept?
    Her brother is a superhero must have a light in the story And come up a lot

    but how does her Sister not find out that are superheroes actually her brother?

    Also the story revolves around the brother trying to be a guardian brother And take custody, being young They have a very close relationship and I’m wondering how can the stories work together

    somehow I want the sister to end up staying in the hospital and nedding some sort of a wish organization

    and her brother volunteered to be the one to give her the wish After the girl wants to do something With her guardian angel

    for example saving the day

    Finally The little sister gets bullied in her class Being so young She has some friends who believe in the guardian angel Like she does But she still gets bullied for doing things in conjunction with her trauma Of losing her parents And her brother

    How do I make the character of her brother Flawed without him being followed around his sister

    kind a like if you wached glee a Sue and Becky thing

    where are the characters always angry or frustrated around other people And lash out at them but Never let it get in the way of his sisters

    any advice or suggestions would be very appreciated! thank you
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    These are some good questions you ask about your story but for every question you’re asking you need to go back and come up with the situations that make it the most plausible for you. If you don’t want her to know that the superhero is her brother then you write the story out in a way that she doesn’t. Maybe he has a huge secret he’s not telling and what is the reason he doesn’t want to tell her he’s her brother. Perhaps the other angels on the other side tell him that it’s violating a code of secret or maybe he doesn’t want her to appear insane in the real world because it wouldn’t sound right to her friends if she’d said “I communicate with my dead sibling” and he wants her to be in touch with what’s real.

    Well you see, these are questions you’re asking yourself and you need to figure out how to solve. We don’t really know much about your story from this vague outline. Maybe she wants to refuse what he tells her so she can make sense of the situation. Also be careful with your spelling and grammar while writing because it’ll give a better impression of your story. It’s very important that you perfect that. GL
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    Thank you for your interest in helping:)

    my spelling is not good I need to work on that

    I have some disabilities so mostly I use speech to text and sometimes it tends to do more harm than good but again I’ll work on it

    The best way I can explain this is that and the children that he dresses up for are incredibly young which are her classmates his sister is it’s likely she is going to be the youngest of the kids

    Alex which is the brother and his Sister were the only survivors in the car accident

    They almost all die but was saved by their parents when an on looking car speeds and then her brother the paramedics find them after the parents call before they die

    while they are waiting for the paramedics she nearly dies but they save her but weren’t to save their parents

    I’m not sure what my backstory on the brother wearing the superhero costume is

    When she wakes up and she was originally taking a nap tries to shield her Later on why they’re waiting for the paramedics she starts to fade away as well and after the accident he vows to himself that he would never see her like that again

    Her classmates believe he is a superhero as well

    I believe if I do a bullying arc it will be older kids Like maybe in the next grade up

    This is why the superhero persona is so important to him not only is it for his sister it’s also a way for him to cope

    The reason why I said she had lost her brother is because he is away being a superhero or going to school while she is at school or doing something else

    Which currently in my story is being in the hospital still

    If you don’t mind me asking what do you think of my ideas and premise ?
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    Your story idea sounds great! I'm tired of the cliche man-woman story where there's a romantic relationship. It'd be interesting to just have a calm family relationship between two main characters, nothing romantic. I actually plan to add a sister to my own story as well.

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