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  1. Ferret

    Ferret Contributing Member

    Nov 26, 2006
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    The parts of your soul you refuse to recognize.

    Writing Resource Links

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Ferret, Jul 22, 2007.

    At the request of the members, we have a list of helpful writing links.

    General Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar (SPAG) information:
    The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
    Guide to Grammar and Writing

    Writing/critiquing guidelines:
    Rachel Simon's Writers Writng Guide
    Hardcore Critique Guidelines

    Style and structure references for poetry:
    American Poems list of Poets - Currently 237 different authors listed.
    PoetryConnection.net :: Your Connection to Great Poetry
    ShadowPoetry.com: Types of Poetry

    A Rhyme Generator for poets:
    RhymeZone Rhyme Generator

    Manuscript preparation:

    Many articles that can direct an author to heavenly bliss:
    Fiction Factor - Writing Articles Index

    Helpful information on scenes and sequels (of a different kind):
    Jim's Livejournal.

    Rants to shy the beginning fantasy writer away from the cliche and other blunders:
    Limyaael's Rants: Master List (All Rants)

    The same as above, but there are some newer essays -- though you'll have to filter through the posts:
    Arin i Asolde

    As this site is largely unfinished, I've given specific links:
    Tameri (Descriptions)
    Tameri (Sentences)
    Tameri (Paragraphs)
    Tameri (Plot and Story)
    Tameri (Dialogue)
    Tameri (Conflict)
    Tameri (Tips)

    Podcasts dealing with characterization and world building (amongst other things). Look for the episode to find show notes -- you can also find the episodes for free on iTunes:
    Shakespeare & Dragons

    Helpful hints for automatic grammar and style editing in Microsoft Word. There is also information pertaining to setting your default language on a Windows computer:
    Microsoft Word
    Formatting Your Manuscript For Word Writers

    Authoritative information on Copyrights:
    U.S. Copyright Office - Frequently Asked Questions
    British Copyright Council
    Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (Paris Text, 1971)

    And links to places you can register your work, depending on the type of writing:
    United States Copyright Office
    Copyright Board of Canada
    Writers Guild of America, West
    Writers Guild of America, East
    From mammamaia: "anyone anywhere can register and archive their work with wga... stage plays, song lyrics, poetry and books are usually registered with the NY branch and tv/film scripts with the LA one, as those are the respective hubs of the publishing/entertainment universes... it's a bit cheaper and much quicker/easier than [US Copyright Office] but doesn't last as long... "


    Please Pm any useful links you'd like to see here to myself or any other mod.
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