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    Wrong format/style of writing?

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by bauer83, Dec 4, 2011.

    Hello. I just joined this forum and really like it so far. I stated a new story i hope to turn into a whole book series. But when i started writing i did a different format/style of writing that doesn't seem the norm in books i've read in the past.

    When a character talks i break off the paragraph and start a new line just for the dialogue. The paragraphs are also short (two-four lines)

    Is this kind of format frowned upon if i were to eventually submit it to a publisher? Is there a rule of how long a paragraph must be?
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    Read good books to see how dialogue is handled by the pros. And you should mix up your paragraph lengths. Make some short, some long. Short paragraphs are often an indicator that the writer isn't fully imagining the scene, and therefore isn't including enough detail to make the scene really vivid. Also, you'll often find that an endless series of short paragraphs moves the story along too fast, as though it isn't really a novel, but a summary of one.

    There's no substitute for reading the work of good writers. They'll show you how it's done!
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    go here for the best format guide you'll find: http://www.shunn.net/format/

    don't try anything fancy till you've got a lot of bestsellers under your belt... your work will be tossed on sight, if it's not formatted properly...

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