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    Beta Reading YA contemporary love story (NOT category romance)

    Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by NiallRoach, Aug 7, 2016.

    Just wondering if there's anyone who might be interested in beta reading my current MS of ~65k. It's gone through a couple of revisions now, so it's far from a first draft, and I'm mainly looking for comments regarding structure/content/flow etc.
    It's written by a brit, about brits in a small, British town, and foremost for other brits, so there's a fair bit culture wise that might go over the heads of non-UK dwellers, but it's fundamentally accessible. I'd describe it as an edgy high school (UK high school being a much different beast, it seems, to US high school) love story, LGBT themes, between two girls of a problematic age difference (spanning the ages of 15/11 and 16/12). Nothing explicit, but the thermometer isn't pinned to zero (this is one of the things I'm most interested in hearing feedback about). The atmosphere is gloomy at times, not grimdark by any sense, and there is a little violence and other nasty things, but they're not ubiquitous.
    If you're interested, please send me a PM and I'll get it to you ASAP via email or some other medium. I'm travelling China at the moment, so I can't be fast on the draw, but I check in once every day, two at most.
    I think it goes almost without saying, but I'm in the market to beta your stuff, too, or take it as an open favour. I'm happy with, of course, contemporary stuff, as well as spec fic. YA or A is fine.

    Any mods around who can put my word count in the thread title? I forgot it like the numpty I am.

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