Your favorite short horror fiction?

Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by srwilson, Dec 3, 2017.

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    I've decided Clive Barker probably isn't my cup of tea. I had read Vol 1-3 of Books of Blood many years ago and very few of the stories grabbed me. Now I've read The Midnight Meat Train again, and realize what I don't like.

    He seems to rely mostly on plot, and uses too much blood and guts, without really making it seem convincing. Sure, it's very imaginative and understandable that they work as movies, when they can take a good plot and create a movie from the idea. But as literature, for me, they don't work. He writes well enough, but the style doesn't stand out, he doesn't create convincing characters, or atmosphere, he doesn't make use of suggestion or tension. Everything is told fairly straight, without ambiguity and little is left to the imagination.
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    You might enjoy the anthology "The Weird: A Compendium". It's edited by Jeff Vandermeer. It has some of the stories recommended by people here and classics by a lot of the masters. I haven't made my way through it all but really enjoyed a lot of what I have. I tend to like weird fiction as opposed to straight horror and so such stories are my thing. I like the genre crossing. I find I can reread Lovecraft and still enjoy him very much. But some horror stories, by him or others have those twist endings and once you know the twist the second time and on reading them is never quite as exciting. It's the ideas and the writing style that carry the story too.
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    I'll second this, and also add The Year's Best Weird Fiction. Pretty much any volume, but I'm currently reading Volume 4 during my commute and it's got some pretty solid work in it. The variety of author's involved means there's probably going to be a few things in their that aren't to your taste, but as a whole it's a pretty great collection of horror/Weird that doesn't focus on blood and guts.

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