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  • rajvishal25
    Today, it was a lazy morning. I woke up late and then straight away went out to hit the gym. After a couple of high energy work out sessions, went straight into the Steam and Sauna section. People have asked me that why do I like working out. When they ask, I could hear the answers they expect…. For me …. I just like those moments when after a rigorous session of physically draining exercises, the mind can’t think of anything but is just busy to manage some energy to keep the body on it’s feet . Those are blissful moments; no external noise and complete focus…..just like meditation. Well, that was just a small thought which I felt like sharing; my story for today is about something else.
    So after those work out sessions and relaxed moments in the steam compartment, I packed myself up and went back to home. After a few minutes of reaching home, I searched for my coffee mug and realized that it’s still left in the car. Along came a thought of my wallet and I started searching the gym bag. It was not there and then a picture of 1 dollar suddenly flashed in my mind. Another attempt and the same result, the image of 1 dollar was becoming more prominent. The search continued to the pockets of my clothes but abortive. I went down and opened up my car with a hope to find it there smiling at me eagerly to be picked up by its rightful owner. Alas…. And now that was becoming scary. The image of 1 dollar had started haunting me. The wallet had lot of money inside and then those cards were worth a lot of efforts. Losing the wallet was not only expensive but was a time consuming and draining effort and all of you would agree with the same.

    I started recalling the concatenation of the events during that day. I remembered well that after the shower I had taken out the wallet to put my membership card into it near my locker. After that….I just don’t remember. What I remember is that “one dollar coin”…. “Was it some immediate impact of my actions by the cosmos itself?” Ohh, I was confused and really scared now. I set myself up to go back to the gym and look for it. That wallet was full of 50 dollar notes….at least 20 of them. It was enough of a temptation to anybody to pick that up and forget about the real owner. People can be provoked to take the otherwise undesirable action. And why not, what did I do…. That was just one dollar, single coin of one dollar which was lying in the Health Club’s bathroom and I didn’t even move my eyelid while picking it and putting in my wallet. Afterall, who cares about one dollar and that too in this rich country…. Why should I care??
    So, I rushed to the gym and went straight to the office to find out if they have been handed over a brown color wallet by somebody. To my utter dismay, the result remained unchanged…. I ran towards the locker room where I remembered to have seen the wallet for the last time and what welcomed me there, were those unoccupied benches and empty lockers. I searched each locker but the output remained unaltered.
    I went down to the office again and pleaded the staff for some help. I asked if the locker rooms have some cameras where I can see if somebody has picked the unattended wallet. Thankfully, they didn’t have the cameras there. Afterall, who wants to be filmed while celebrating their nudities….
    Now, I could hear the loud echo of one thought in my mind, “Somebody has taken your wallet as you took somebody else’s one dollar”. “But, that is unfair. How can one dollar be equated with approximately 1000 dollars, many more in the cards and plenty of hours invested in them. This is unfair but life is sometimes unfair in order to teach you a lesson.” I thought. Probably, this was a way to console myself but by then I had already pledged to never ever repeat such a thing. Afterall, once, I defined the life as a curved glass wall all around us, whatever we throw on it, comes back to us in an amplified form. So, here was a testimony of my own definition. I was almost shaking now and the loss seemed really big. I started searching my bank’s help-desk numbers to get the cards blocked and also thought of calling the cops and report the incidence. Who knows if it might help. Leaving any stone unturned is definitely not me. Suddenly, my phone rang. The display showed, “Home landline”.
    “Did you find it?”, my wife asked. “No”, it was an exhausted reply. “Don’t worry, let me search at home again. I will search the drawers and the cupboards”, my wife could hear the tremors in my voice so she tried to reassure. “The drawers….???” Those words rang in my ears and I immediately disconnected the phone and rushed back to home. Within no time, I was back there and there lay the wicked, old and wrinkled cards/money pouch, staring at me as if asking, “what happened mate, why are you so lost??” And I stood there smiling, silently looking at it, astonished at the tricks our brain plays and saying, “Nothing bud, just learned a lesson”.
    Never eye on the possessions which do not belong to you, even if it’s just a single coin; The roots of each such act goes so deep that when something horrible happens to you, you struggle to find the root cause. When you do something which your conscience doesn’t allow, it sits back in your sub-conscious part of the brain. When there is a mis-happening, the same sub-conscious mind triggers and erupts the tendency to relate the incident with your mis-fortune; the brain becomes entangled and you become circumscribed to never find out that where exactly it went wrong. Otherwise, how can one forget that he himself put the wallet in the drawers, the moment he entered the home….lol