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  • captain kate
    My experiment with social media is starting to get cranked up. What I've done is create my wordpress blog: taliasworld.wordpress.com and then linked it up with a Twitter feed and a group on Facebook. Now when I post, it goes to those pages at the same time, allowing each message to go further than they would alone. The next thing that takes careful consideration is the use of 'tags' at the bottom of your page. These are what Google and other search engines use to find your page for people searching.

    What I've done on my page is I have a menu spot for my writing, photography, thoughts on writing, rambles about space and time, rambles and then Dr.Who. That's allowed me to put snippets of my novel (and make sure you bounce around to keep from giving your plot away and NEVER NEVER NEVER put the first chapter out) and some of my photographs onto the site for people to follow.

    As I mentioned in a message to someone, I finally got things finished and started posting Tuesday or Wednesday and have grown from 1 follower to almost 40. Each day one or two more hop on either following my photography or writing. So, it's a very useful tool when done right.
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