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  • Cogito
    This is a poem I entered quite some time ago, and then lost track of. It's a double tetractys, and I used the descending count (10 4 3 2 1) followed by the ascending one (1 2 3 4 10) to suggest the ebb between two wave surges.

    The Siege

    The surf explodes upon black rugged rocks
    a roaring beast
    dashed against
    foam retreats
    back to the sea,
    marshalling rage to launch the next assault.
  • Cogito
    This is something I wrote for a poetry contest on the site nearly a year ago. I hope you enjoy it.

    I sat myself down with the leather-clad poet
    My mission: to capture his essence in ink.
    The sleepy eyed singer of Doors fame waited
    as my head filled with nothing; I forgot how to think.

    The Lizard King put up his feet on the table
    and hummed a few notes as I stood on the brink
    of finding the ultimate question for him
    He pulled out a whiskey – we both took a drink.

    The questions were flowing, and so was the booze.
    The answers I wrote soon became indistinct
    Jim drank most of the bottle, I’m sure! He was soon
    yawning in Technicolor into the sink.

    Jim dropped his pants, mooned the world from his door
    and shouting he stumbled, then fell to the floor
    I wish I could write the account of our meeting,
    But my notes begin “Jim,…”; I can make out no more.
  • Cogito
    This was my entry in the first Writing Trinity poetry competition on the site, for which the challenge was to weave the words mahogany, dreaming, and afterthought into a poem. Although I did not win, I anm happy with the way the poem turned out.

    The warmth of your body melts into me
    musk and patchouli, your fragrance divine
    a cinnamon afterthought wafts from your lips
    I lie wrapped around you, at consummate peace
    jealous moon watches from October skies
    as the world of my thoughts is solely comprised
    of mahogany skin, and caramel eyes

    The tide of your breathing, a somnolent sea
    A moan escapes you as dreaming you lie
    You wake for a moment, and grant me a smile
    then settle in closer and we both drift asleep
    lonely moon watches from October skies
    but the world of my thoughts is solely comprised
    of your satin mahogany skin,
    and your sparkling caramel eyes.
  • Cogito
    I will post Haiku poems (plural Haiku) in this blog entry. The first one I posted here, however, I refined, and then added three more, to form a four-haiku cycle, one for each season. I submitted it to the Soft Whispers Seventeen Syllables anthology, and it was accepted an 10 April, 2010.

    I probably won't title any of the haiku I write. It seems counter to the spirit of the art form to add a title to a poem of 17 or fewer syllables.
  • Cogito
    A thousand ghostly serpents stretch
    pale heads above the lake,
    warning the rising white wavering

    Fearless a grey shell among them slips.
    Shadowed pilot lets oars drift
    launches a silent line;
    a soft plop; the figure waits
    in vain.

    A starling squawks, the only sound
    to pierce the peaceful air.
    The figure lifts his arm once more
    another plop, and rippling rings

    Then a splash, the rod bends down
    the snake heads veer away
    as water churns and figure turns
    a crank.
    Net dips down,
    brings silvery prize

    The figure bends to take the oars
    and glides ahead once more.
    And stops.
    And waits.
    And baits the hook
    while silence reigns

    (This is a poem I started on 10July2007, and finished revising on 12July2007)
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