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  • Iain Aschendale
    Marijuana definitely isn't legal in my present jurisdiction. Not sure about back home, doubt it.

    Wait, no, an old friend of mine who used to be quite the recreational enthusiast now has a prescription for it. "My partying days are over, Iain, I actually need this stuff now to cope with the nerve damage."

    He shows me the scars.

    So, what are the medicinal properties?

    This is something that needs to be looked into. Some of my (former) facebook friends were of the tribe that believes that it cures glaucoma, acts as a palliative for chronic pain, can stimulate appetite in chemo patients, helps with eczema, restores hair loss, cures all forms of cancer, Morgellon's, improves orgone energy retention, balances the chakras, and makes your fingers fing more efficiently.

    Some of these things may be true, and we should let the doctors and Big Pharma have a go at them.

    And y'know what? I'm not opposed to legalizing it for recreational use as well.

    I haven't tried it.

    The early years of my adult life were spent in jobs where it was a definite, ultra-strict no-no, and like I said, where I live now? Not only do I believe in obeying local laws when you're a guest, but there have been celebrities arrested here for possession of hundredths of a gram of the stuff. The residue in the baggie, basically, and it cost them their careers.

    I can almost see Willy Nelson shaking his head through the haze.

    And I've had friends whose lives were wrecked by illegal drug use, and friends whose lives were wrecked by legal drug use, and friends who pulled out of tailspins, and I know some good, teetotalling, churchgoing folk who got all wobbly nonetheless.

    It's not something I've done more than a cursory bit of research on, but it seems that the primary danger is that we don't currently have a test to reliably measure the amount of THC affecting your system at the time of arrest. Like, DUI.

    This needs to be looked into, but I'm sure that Big Pharma and the docs will be more than happy to, once they know there will be customers for the test kits in the form of every damn law enforcement agency in the country.

    But there's a point here. The legalization folks.

    Those damn legalization folks make me question whether or not it's the right thing to do.

    Watch someone talk about wine. Tannins, notes, vintage.

    Whisk(e)y: Subtle flavors, the effect of ice, mixers, cocktail recipes.

    The martini maniacs who will spill blood over how much vermouth to add. Winston Churchill would supposedly raise his glass in the direction of France and call it good.

    Now watch someone advocating for legalized recreational marijuana, giggling and snorting and making jokes about "chronic" and "wake and bake" and how their mother was getting high when she was pregnant so they've basically been high their whole life.

    Yup, there are drunks.

    Yup, I'm a drunk, from time to time.

    Yup, Orson Wells was sloshed while they were making that one commercial, but it didn't air with him slurring and staggering.

    Fucking stoners, giving their opponents material every time they open their mouths without inserting a bong, and twice when they do.
  • Iain Aschendale
    Waiting in line this morning and a man in his fifties brazenly cut straight in front of me and a dozen other passengers to secure the best seat on the bus for himself and I find a spot sit down open the virtual paper on my phone and see an opinion piece demanding sensory friendly showings of movies and plays for people with autism and that Belgian law allows euthanasia of people with autism and that a middle-class white woman is complaining that someone laughed at her child’s name which is Abcde and the president’s lawyer has pled guilty to more counts of lying to Congress about working with the Russians and 737s will crash because of a safety feature that can’t be overridden and I wonder at what point where when why all my feigned progressivism is going to be seen as the embarrassing relics of a bygone age don’t mind him it was a different time back then yes but why is he yelling at that empty chair mom?

  • Iain Aschendale
    My alarm wakes me from dreams of Weimar street fighting, but these take place no on old sped-up black and white newsreels but the vivid colors and shaky cellphone cams of YouTube, police hovercraft spilling their skirts to blast protester and counter-protester alike down the street, thugs in makeshift riot gear tapping their shields to an internal rhythm before exploding against their opposite numbers their opponents their enemies them a man using the American flag as a spear a club bashing some cowering wretch into the pavement and I've been awake seven minutes now and it's Thursday again just Thursday but I don't want to check the news, not just yet.

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  • Iain Aschendale
    I didn't much like the movie Vanilla Sky, but it's the example that comes to mind right now (if you haven't read The Execution Channel by Ken McLeod. If you have, you'll have a clearer idea of what I'm getting at).

    There's so much going on in the Debate Room news these days. The US president's unconventional, and some say dangerous style of leadership, climate change, the World Cup, earthquakes and flooding here in Japan, Nicaragua has deployed a high number of internal checkpoints for what reason I know not, I'm sure you could post a dozen things happening in your own sphere of interest, but these past couple weeks I can't shake the feeling that somehow that little story that keeps popping up in the background, those Thai boys trapped in the cave, the retired Thai Navy SEAL who died trying to save them, their teacher a former monk training them in meditation techniques to reduce oxygen consumption in their little bubble of air down there deep in the earth, that that's going to be the big reveal, that was what the story was about the whole time, we just didn't realize it because it was on the channel the bartender switched away from to catch the footie, the autoplay video in the sidebar that we muted, the story on the side of the newspaper that faced the camera, not the MC....
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  • Iain Aschendale
    I'm watching a documentary on North Korea on National Geographic, and they're talking about the Sony Pictures hack. The guy (sorry, missed his name and credentials) on the screen says "That a tiny little country, a fourth-rate power, managed to bring down a movie studio is proof of their power outside their borders."

    That is...

    Fuck Americans. So fucking convinced of our superiority in all things that we're amazed that a sovereign nation could do damage to a fucking entertainment company? An entertainment company that was set to release a fourth-rate comedy that, oh, incidentally called for the assassination of their head of state?

    I'm no fan of North Korea or the Kims. My first adult job was trying to bring those people down, but goddamnit America, can you not realize the entitlement your project? Just for a moment?

    Prolly not.