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  • zorell
    You nosy people you:p I'll share...

    Weak, meek, bored, you crave the battle, want to learn more, that is why you have come. We welcome you. My name is Gaia Sol and I am the owner of this establishment. Those who enter my arena do not come so that they may sit in the shadows, they come to battle. We have many arenas and locals. If you are a mage, or well versed in the magical arts, Schy aven is for you. Do you enjoy the melee, the adrenaline of feeling your opponent as you punch him to the floor? Tiger Palace is yours. Have you swords, knives, weapons of close range? The Dragon's Village. Or is the thrill of the trigger which excites you? Assassin's Alley is your arena. We have many more, we cater to all. Please enjoy the facility.

    Also note, death is of no worry, you are granted the Essence of Phoenix when you enter through our threshold.

    But first:
    Who are you? (BIO)
    Whay skills have you. (Self-Explanatory)

    This arena is yours for working out many types of combat from fists to guns and everything in between. Or just work out sequences for fun!

    How to use this arena:

    1. Once two or more combatants agree that they wish to use the Arena, they should recruit a Mediator for their fight (any member of the site who agrees to do it is fine). The Mediator's job is to ensure that each character is taking their hits realistically and to rule on the amount of damage taken if need be.

    2. The Mediator is like a Referee in sports. The combatants will abide by the Mediator's rulings.

    3. Remember to separate the character from the player. Characters may fight with each other and even be angry with each other, Players are expected to remain cool-headed and on good terms with each other.

    4. The Essence of the Phoenix is invoked when death would otherwise occur. We don't want to waste characters in the arena. ;)
  • zorell
    Lilinka had bathed and dressed the girl and now they were winding their way back to Schi's chamber. Ten women sat in waiting of their newest sister, each one more worried for the mere child than she had ever worried for herself.

    Danily, with her crimson eyes and flowing red hair, leaned over and cupped her hand around Clashna's ear, "I can only imagine what he has in store for her, she is but a cloud of a child."

    Clashna ran her fingers through her own red hair and looked over at her sister, "Yes, she is more rare a gem than any of us could have been, he needs to stop collecting or there will be none left for the good men of the lands." The thought struck her suddenly, "How do you suppose he found her? She is of none of our homelands."

    Danily shook her head, "How am I to know? I have been here as long as you, and niether of have seen the sun nor moon- Dainya might know, she once spoke of a cloud like child."

    Clashna nodded and stood up before bowing to Schi, he did not take well to his jewels not staying in their places, "Sir, may I converse with Dainya so that she may teach me her weaving?" Schi waved his hand and returned to his pipe, inhaling deeply and forgetting where he was. Clashna bowed once more before scuddling down the line to Dainya and sitting in the now vacant pillow that was once Gaiyla's. "Hello sister, will you please show me your crafts?"

    Dainya gave her a knowing look and nodded, "Yes, I would be honored to share my craft with you." She pulled the girl into a hug, and whispered, "Of what do you want to know?"

    Clashna returned the hug and responded just as low, "Have you knowledge of how he found her, the cloud girl?"

    Dainya nodded, "Yes, we must first start with thick fibers, but I have none on me." She stood and bowed to Schi, "Master Schi, may I please escort sister Clashna to my chamber of supplies?" Another dismissive wave from Schi and the women were off.

    The two women left the chamber together and began winding their way towards Dainya's supply chamber, her gift for her many years of service to Schi- she was his first and only wife. Dainya stopped suddenly, lifting a finger to her mouth.

    Clashna obliged and stood still. The sound of footsteps could be heard growing closer, they were light, not that of a warrior. Dainya gestured for Clashna to intercept them. She nodded and turned down the hallway and around the bend. She reached them quickly and gestured closing her lips before grasping their shoulders and guiding them back to where Dainya stood.

    Dainya took the little girl's hand and gestured for the two women to follow her. It was but a short walk, two bends of the tunnel and one shallow incline, before they reached her chamber. Lliliean looked in awe at the massive chamber, almost as grand as Schi's own had been. It was lined with nooks and shelves, each engulfed with various trinkets and tools, and other memorabelia. One thing in particular caught the young girl's eye. "Mellanor!" She cried and looked to Dainya for permission. Dainya nodded and released her hand, the little girl charging across the chamber to the sword. She lifted it in her two hands as if it were the very body of her mother, her brothers, her father. She knelt on the floor and began to cry, the tears cascading down her face and onto the sword like raindrops from a cloud.

    The three women knelt next to her, Dainya to the North, Lilianka to East, and Clashna to the West. Each laid a hand upon the child as she sang the song of her people, the three songs intertwining into one mournful cry of homesickness, grief, and even joy in sorrow. As their songs closed, each laid a kiss upon the girl's head.

    Lliliean looked each in the eye, "What are your names?"

    Dainya lowered her head first, the eldest, "Dainya Schi, your sister from the North."

    Clashna lowered her head next, "Clashna Nevari, your sister from the West."

    "And I am Lilianka Marderete, your sister from the East. We welcome you and mourn you at the same time." Her face expressed a deep sadness. It had always been her nature to worry for those more vulnerable than others.
  • zorell
    I went from your favorite doll
    to your cast away
    Oh ba- baby are you afraid to play
    the way that you did be-fore?

    Why, is it because I'm not so fragile anymore
    You kicked me out of the toybox
    and I grew me some bullocks
    and won't be kicked around like before

    Are you terrified of the woman that you see
    please say you're not surprised
    'cause she's been inside
    all this time

    Don't let her scare you away
    come on back
    to me, let's play
    but you're so afraid

    you kicked me out of the toybox
    and then I found
    the strength I lacked
    and baby- ain't no going back
  • zorell
    When, in the course of a relationship, it becomes necessary for one partner to dissolve all personal bonds which have connected it with another and to assume among thyself the strength and independence which the heart and soul demand it utilizes, a decent acknowledgement of who she is demands that she should declare the causes which impel her to separation.

    I hold these truths to be self-evident, that I have lived without you, that I possess the intelligence and skill to continue to live without you, and that I am endowed with Maternal Instincts, that among these are to protect my children, provide for my children, and protect myself so that I may protect my children another day, -That, to secure the abilities to fulfill my duties, I must spare myself of the insufferable leach which has attached itself to my heart, body, and soul. Retrospect shall indeed tell, no-scream, that I should have absolved myself from you many years before. But, alas, many bloody nights shall pass before one sees the light of freedom; and none enters the journey only to end it without a fight. But, when one fights battle after battle never to be the victor, only the spoils, it is her duty to stand firm and get away for this battle is not, nor the war, one that she can win. The history of this relationship is a history of repeated abuses and unspeakable acts, all having a direct object in establishing my fear and the near absolute control you have over me. To reiterate this, allow me to present the “highlights” of our relationship.

    You all but eradicated my former sense of self.

    You’ve imprisoned me within the world of what you believe.

    You have forced many a seed upon me and then forced them from me. That shall not happen again.

    You have refused my wishes for what we should, and could, be.

    You have succeeded in killing me in only a way that a truly psychotic, heartless man could, stripping from me the fiber which characterized me at one time and leaving me raw and vulnerable.

    You have forced upon me beliefs and habits of which I will take pleasure in eradicating myself of.

    You have decided and demonstrated that, in your eyes, I am not a woman, but a vessel born only to satisfy your beck, call, wish, command, and sinister plot.

    You have deemed yourself my Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

    And, although you believe that the wool sits snugly over my eyes, you have committed one betrayal of fidelity after another with the one I once considered a sister.
    For beating me until I bruise like a coloring book.

    For demeaning me below even your alcohol.

    For lifting my hopes, only to dash my dreams.

    For depriving me of my sanity.

    For isolating me from my support system.

    For imposing yourself upon me.

    For taking a way even my animalistic want to survive.

    You have taken away all traces of my resiliency, or so you would have me believe.

    I have begged and pleaded and tried time after time to mend and alter our relationship and situation; but you turned away and ignored my every attempt. I, therefore, deem it necessary that we no longer call ourselves a couple. No, we need to sever every last tie, but two, which connect us. I need to live life as a woman beholden only to herself and her children and no longer to the spiritual leach that has latched and clung to her for so many years. By “the leach,” I mean you. And by “sever all ties,” I mean to say that I am Declaring myself Independent of you and returning to the woman I was before this chapter in my life, with a few changes of course.

    )this was a hw assignment, but I was proud of mehself:D(
  • zorell
    I just realized that I'm writing a novel![​IMG]

    I don't know who has been reading the blogs I've been posting, but I was posting as I wrote them up on MSword, but stopped when I reached the blog entry "Page 12."

    I'm on MSword Page 39 and, according to it's built in word couner, I've reached 18,545 words.

    I know, I know, that's a novela, untill you consider that I just wrote the main climax and have yet to even begin its resolution yet alone the next climax of the story.

    I didn't even know I had it in me.

    Right nowm though, I have to thank some members because there'd be no story if not fot them.

    Flakes&Fins, thank you for creating Carnapolis, Alaska's home before home.

    Charisma, I have to thank you because Morty would be nothing without Gazania, and neither would Alaska for that fact.

    And Foxee for being one of Alaska's first customers.

    I have to thank Shadow Dragon for pushing me along and listening to my rambles.

    And finally, Ungood. Thank you for dear old John Doe, Alaska would be nothing without her knight;)

    Thanks again everybody[​IMG]

    Apparently you'll have to go to the links to see the smilies:(