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  • zorell
    I don't know if you all know about it yet, but Disney is releasing its first animated movie with a Black princess- that's right! The eighth Disney Princess is BLACK!

    This holiday season, Disney will release the animated tale of The Frog Prince, a tale akin to Beauty and the Beast in that a prince is cursed (I cannot remember why in this particular tale) and made into a creature not all that attractive to the masses and the only key to his redemption is a kiss. Yes, in all fairytale, your problems can be solved with a kiss (if only). Also like BATB, you never really know what happens afterward, it's all chocked up to "happily ever after."

    In this new Disney version, however, there is more added to the plot. We get to see things after the kiss (with a nice, but predictable, twist) and we get to explore the worlds of the characters.

    The last paragraph is where I start to lose my faith in people. Here's just a few of the reactions people have to that and "why" (they think it's all valid, I think it's quite hypocritical) they have them:

    -the princess will be named "Tiana": the name's "too ethnic" (and if they had named her "Ashley," it would have been too "white"...or "Jessica," or "Kendra" for that fact ...)

    -Tiana is colored (she's a cartoon after all) somewhere between a mocha with cream and a nice dark caramel: she's not "dark enough" (but if she'd have been blue black they would have cried "you're alluding to slaves" or something else just to complain)

    -Tiana is a frog for part of the movie: it's racist (no, you're mad that the first black princess will be turned into a frog...I don't remember ever hearing a word about how Cinderella was treated, don't remember anything about the sexism in Mulan, the imprisonment or Aurora in Sleeping beauty- it's because Tiana is black, that's why they're mad about the frog thing)

    -the prince is "racially ambiguous": Why couldn't he black? Why does he look white? Why is he voiced by a Brazilian actor? Why can't Disney depict a strong black couple? (Oh, do shut up! It's two thousand effing nine for crying out loud! Yes, Black love is something strong and powerful, but so is White love, Hispanic love, and INTERRACIAL LOVE. But let's be honest, how are you really sure that all of the above aren't actually INTERRACIAL LOVE. We are no longer a society of race-defined love -I know I used race to define it earlier, that was for clarity's sake-, so why shouldn't the movie reflect that?)

    -it's set in New Orleans: It's too soon after Hurricane Katrina, that's callous and exploitative of an area that has taken too hard a blow (I'll give you that New Orleans still has some unhealed wounds, but do you know what this movie could do to heal them? Can you imagine all the little girls who want to see where Princess Tiana lives? It won't be like Snow White, Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty, movies that were all set "once upon a time" and in some far off kingdom- New Orleans is tangible and it means something to people. All publicity is good publicity....)

    -the prince is cursed by a witch doctor and there is a distinct voodoo element to the movie: it's demeaning and stereotypical (stereotypical, yes...I'm iffy on "demeaning" because it's really just a plot point. voodoo/black magic was used for relevance within the setting. That's definitely stereotypical, but wouldn't it be just the least bit suspicious if some bulbous little spirit popped in and cursed the prince?)

    -it's about a princess: princesses are unrealistic (Shut the hell up. Enough said.)

    All and all, I want to see the movie because the trailer (which you can watch here
    although it is within an article) actually seems interesting. It's a children's movie, let's please allow children the ignorance and bliss of not having to rip every little cartoon and/or movie they watch down to how insulting it is to the world. What's next? We can't sing Ring Around the Rosies in kindergarten anymore?
  • zorell
    bouncin off the walls

    hit one
    and then another
    and they all will fall

    no more sugar
    sweet in low

    give me more carbs
    and my head
    should surely blow

    right off my shoulder
    smash against some boulders
    cause i'm cwazy

    in a daze
    in a craze
    I'll be hyped for days
  • zorell
    That's where I stand right now.

    I need to rant. I need to vent. DO NOT correct me on anything, I need to say this.

    First, Obama.
    I am happpy that a black man has made it to the presidency. That said, I don't give a damn that he's biracial, that he's black, that he's white. He is a MAN. Only a man, a very lucky and prophetic man, but man none the less. People put him on a pedestal and either stare up at him in awe or aim and shoot until he falls. Leave him the hell alone. Allow him to do his job. Support him, hate him, it's your own perogative, but it's got nothing to do with's you, deal with it. And, I cannot believe that there are black people out there saying "he owes his people." Bush owed his people. Washington owed his people. Nixon his people. They all had people to answer to, but nobody balked about it ev-ery frick-en day. They did their jobs to the best of their abilities. Obama will be no different; his wife would never allow that and niether would we as the American people.

    I'll say it once more: He is not a Black President; he is president who happens to be black (mulatto if you want to be anal). The Presidency is bigger than any one man, or woman.

    We are progressing, so stop holding us back.

    JUST STOP:mad:

    Second, abortion.

    Chris Rock made a pretty damned good point about it, "it's abunch of men arguing about a woman's body; I wouldn't want women votin' on my balls." So many people assume that abortions are an act of convenience for promiscuous women.

    They are not.

    Sometimes it's about life or death. Could you imagine being a woman who knows that, within the next nine months, either she or her unborn child will be dead? Could you imagine being the victim of a rape, carrying the seed of your attacker? Could you imagine knowing that there is no way your child will ever "live" like other children; could you bring your chhild into this world knowing that he or she will be subjected to a life of ridicule and machines and always knowing that he or she is different and will never ever be like his or her peers?

    Can you imagine that?

    I've been on the wrong side of blind laws and regulations that overgeneralize. Just because an abortion may be used for a woman who wasnt ready for her consequences doesn't mean that they ALL are.

    And, I am so sorry to have to say this, it will piss somebody off, there is no real point in arguing when life begins. Science has answered that question, the heart takes it's first beats in as little as 30 days into gestation. The question we need to focus on is when the body understands.

    People don't realize that there is a time when the female body feels a parasite, not a growing child.

    I'm stoppping myself about this, but saying one last thing on abortion:

    I don't think anybody has the effing right to tell a woman that she cannot do as she pleases with her body (it's bad enough that married women cannot get their tubes tied without their husbands consent yet married men can get vascectomies without a second thought); but I can only hope that women do not abuse the gift of that option. May I never need it.

    I guess you can guess which thread made me want to write this, but I was pissed, am pissed, and will continue to be pissed until people back the heck off. Don't judge unless you are the highest entities. And none of them walk on Earth.

    Crap, now I am crying...
  • zorell
    MOst memebers that know me also know about my fictional stalker, Chrys. Chrys was an RPG character of mine that followed me around for a good month after the first RPG and widdled her way into two following RPGs. I am quite happy to say that she no longer bugs the hell out of me:D

    I "met" a much nicer ROG character, Alaska, who is much more willing to allow me to write her a narrative in piece and not try to infiltrate my mind.

    Now, this is what I think would happen if Chrys and Alaska met:

    {Alaska walks into the Kids Playhouse, the loca family hangout, with her twins and sends them to the play area while she rests. Sitting next to her is a woman with cat ears, eyes, and tail and fur. She looks at her.}

    A~Uh, how'd that happen?

    C~Is it necessary that you ask that?

    A~Is it neccessary that you take that tone?

    {Chrys notices a little tag that hangs almost unnoticably from Alaska's belt.}
    C~"Creation of Tor." Would that be the one that was in the Phoenix COlony?


    C~ You're the bit she abandoned me for! Give her back! She was developing my story!

    A~I advise you to calm your feline ass down and not mess with a mad dog- that's how kittens lose whiskers, and maybe an ear if you piss me off enough. Besides, she writing mine at the moment.

    C~That's it, {Chrys pulls out a can of spray paint and a lighter} Don't make me use this!

    A~Oh, you're that whack job cat chick with the multiple personalities and litter of kids. She told me about you-said she's happy you're gone.

    C~Take it back or I will use everything you mentioned against you!

    A~HOney, actually know how to fight and will kick your little kitten ass if you don't leave me the hell alone. {Stands up and calls for the twins.}

    {Chrys calls for her childern. Eight children appear, six of them with tails and cat ears.}

    C~Heh, that's all you got? Two?

    A~YEah, cause it's so much fun to carry a whole danged litter of kids. Why don't you leave me the hell alone, like a said before, or I will not only kick your ass, but I'll have my husband kill you in your sleep.

    {Chrys folows her children as the y bolt out the door. Screaming over her shoulder}

    C~This isn't over you female dog you!
  • zorell
    If you like me, you'll telll me where to find Schrei in stores.

    If you don't know, then I won't hold it against you. But, I really want the album in German and none of my local stores hold it, how evil!

    PS, if you have no clue what I''m talking about, then follow this link, it's the title song:

    Oh, here it is in english: