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  1. After two hours of sitting in a car in traffic, we finally got Grandpa from the airport. Too bad he chose a day when it was supposed to rain and snow... :(

    Anyways, all he and Dad can talk about is, ugh, politics. I could care less. Although, the fact that my grandpa actually flew with McCain is pretty cool - McCain graduated 2nd to last in his class. :p

    So, I'm stuck with Pops and the even older Pops until Friday... sigh.
  2. So... I have to write a letter in calligraphy. The problem is... I'm a pro at procrastinating. So... I found this little handy-dandy forum to waste my time on to NOT do my homework. Stupid, right? Yeah, but I guess I'll have to get good grades if I want to get that video game... so...

    Hey, what if I write a short story about a person who procrastinates? :rolleyes: