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  • Feb
    I've been rooting around in my family tree for several years now, and among other things it has brought my sense of mortality to life, an awareness sharply present right now, as I sit at this table in my writing nook, looking at an accumulation of bric-a-bracs, miscellanea, and memorabilia. My presence brings them to life for me, and I can't help wondering how they will look and feel to my...
  • ISalem
    Blog: ISalem's blog. By ISalem at 3:12 AM.
    Can we just walk away, leaving our affection behind our hearts?! Trying not to remember the time we had together, the talks of hearts we shared, the sound of laughs we heard from each other that reminds us with the sound of rain, the smile that we couldn't hide, the admire we saw in each other eyes, the happiness that we never felt before, and all of the moments of memories, and we just walk...
  • TheEndOfMrsY
    Blog: TheEndOfMrsY's blog. By TheEndOfMrsY at 10:22 PM.
    They say the three most stressful things in life are: - getting married - getting divorced - moving home If I ever were to get married, I'm lucky in a sense because I'm an event planner by trade so I've all ready done a few of these. I imagine my own would be more stressful but I figure I can illiminate a lot of it just by routine. If I were to get married I certainly wouldn't want to think...
  • Feb
    J.D. Ray
    Blog: J.D. Ray's blog. By J.D. Ray at 8:25 PM.
    A few more tweaks and here's the final (still with creator watermarks). I'm so excited. Yes, it's not perfect. But for the money, it's amazing (to me). [ATTACH]
  • Cave Troll
    Blog: Cave Troll's blog. By Cave Troll at 6:03 AM.
    What's new in the land of OZ and padded walls? Started working on a custom LP guitar build. Though I am having a bit of a challenge sorting out how to not screw up the acrylic glaze part. Hopefully with some careful thought and creative ingenuity it will go alright, given I haven't ever played with acrylic resin before. Should be fun, and luckily I won't glue my feet to the floor in the...
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