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  • Cave Troll
    Blog: Cave Troll's blog. By Cave Troll at 4:02 AM.
    I have posted a new chunk of story. This time from Corlixia's Perspective, on my blog. She is not one to cross when it comes to the man she loves. :P
  • CarolJames
    Blog: CarolJames's blog. By CarolJames at 12:31 PM.
    Below you will find a brief list of writing mistakes that are commonly made even when the writer knows better. Sometimes students feel pressure to finish a paper to meet a deadline or are just tired of working on a paper for so long. Unfortunately, this is why we make sloppy mistakes. Sometimes students don't realize the effort required in writing a paper and don't put enough thought into...
  • ChristopherBreen
    So I just noticed this Blog portion of the Writers Forums and thought, why not post something. Although I am not sure what I will use it for specifically, I will make random posts, about random things, at random times. The current time is 12:10 am June 23 and while I should be sleeping, it eludes me. Sitting in my room with Family Guy playing in the background and scrolling through the...
  • OJB
    Blog: OJB's blog. By OJB at 11:36 PM.
    Welcome to part 4 of this study, and today we will be discussing the importance of self-restriction in terms of Meter. In the last post, we discussed the variations and substitutions that can be used with Iambic Pentameter. I'd like to now introduce the idea of 'Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.' I have no doubt what I am about to say will 'upset' a few people, but...
  • Friederich Kugelschreiber
    These have both been posted in the poetry forum. Alliterative Poem #1 (The Beach) Whence come the birds, o’er the lorn beach winging, With a moody wind their voices mingling? Their homes lay hid from my hampered sight. Their strident call, across the strand, Tell of rivers; of lakes, ringed By a muzzling frost that hardens the mold; Of mountains rising in glory wrought By the winter...