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  • May
    Blog: TheEndOfMrsY's blog. By TheEndOfMrsY at 7:03 PM.
    Now that restrictions have started to ease in the UK, needless to say my industry has finally started to become busier again which I am loving! Unfortunately that means I haven't had chance to write as much anymore but I'm going to start critiquing work again :) My books are still in their moving boxes until my alcove shelving is built which hasn't allowed me any inspiration. I do feel a...
  • Apr


    Blog: Kinzvlle`s Junk Drawer. By Kinzvlle at 6:32 PM.
    For reasons, I can't quite put a thumb While some days I truly do love you Others still it all just makes me numb That I yearn for escape can be true Though there is nowhere else to go So I duck behind a wisecrack Though maybe I just need to see you grow Steps forward and not back Let loose from wandering this plateau Where your river inside goes dry Before out it can flow I...
  • Apr
    J.D. Ray
    Blog: J.D. Ray's blog. By J.D. Ray at 3:49 AM.
    Well, I've gone and done it. I created a special edition of my debut novel by inserting a graphic of an autograph and a map of the area the story takes place (created by our own @Night Herald no less). I "minted" ten copies of the book as NFTs and put them on Rarible for sale for 0.1 ETH each (about US$200 at today's exchange rate). I have no idea if they'll sell, and it cost me about US$75...
  • Apr
    love to read
    Blog: love to read's blog. By love to read at 11:51 PM.
    I wrote this for a writing challenge (just for fun). You had to choose one of your favourite historical persons and write about them. Since I had so much fun writing it, I decided to share. Enjoy ( hopefully ;-) ). P.S.:I put the solution at the end (if needed). The last summer When I’ve folded the last of the linen, my hand lingers a moment on the fine fabric. Usually, this chore belongs...
  • Iain Aschendale
    Blog: ...from a dark place. By Iain Aschendale at 6:09 PM.
    It had been an ugly night from the get-go. The stars were wrong or something and they ended up... She asked him if he knew where the nearest restroom was and when he pointed, headed the other way out of spite. The bar made quite a bit of money that evening, so at least someone came out ahead. And when things came to a head and she shoved him against the wall, slapped him across the face,...
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