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  • paperbackwriter
    Blog: paperbackwriter's blog. By paperbackwriter at 12:39 AM.
    Here I am in my sixtees still talking about career advice. :) Wouldn't it be nice...goes the Beach Boys song. Wouldn't it be nice if we really knew what the job was really like? before we applied for it? I mean the characters we will work for and with. The tone of the workplace. The details of the job. The minuses, not just the pluses. Im not working for an arrogant sob who is only interested...
  • paperbackwriter
    Blog: paperbackwriter's blog. By paperbackwriter at 10:49 PM.
    There is enough despair in the world. Enough hatred for self and others. Positions Vacant: Hopeful with authentic optimism. Not the fake kind. Must be willing to not be disillusioned nor give up. Able to see good in others a bonus. Can cover any shift for some of our current employees who tend to call in sick due to unhappiness. Must be tough but kind enough in the inside to feel others...
  • GrahamLewis
    This morning as I was driving to the gym, I patted my front coat pocket, the way that, years ago, in my misguided youth, I would check to see if I had my cigarettes with me. This time, the 21st Century me was checking for his cell phone. Which I had forgotten at home. That I forgot something neither surprised nor concerned me. What surprised and concerned me was how much I instinctively...
  • paperbackwriter
    Blog: paperbackwriter's blog. By paperbackwriter at 1:29 AM.
    It just so happens that on Thursday Night, Bible Study group starts at 7pm at the same time as a St. Vincent de Paul Meeting. I have chosen Bible Study group for the last few years. It appeals to my intellect. I feel I can learn something and grow in faith. But I have a niggling doubt that it is Pharisaic. Loving the theory and avoiding the practical. Faith versus good works. I did actually...
  • Mar
    Blog: paperbackwriter's blog. By paperbackwriter at 2:53 AM.
    How bad is it in your city or state or part of the world? theres a doco on tv here in australia tonight .About opioid addiction in cities like San Fran. So oxycontin is the worst offender? i have a presciption for tramadol for back pain which i take daily. been taking for 10 years. 100 mg a day. guess you might call me an opioid junkie too.