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  • EFMingo
    Blog: EFMingo's blog. By EFMingo at 5:09 AM.
    Perusing through social media is always a tumultuous event, finding great breaking crests at the day’s top relevant memes (keeping me there of course) but also knocking my sanity around with the constant barrage of political rhetoric and endless debate. Don’t worry, I have no intention of taking any of those roads here. Instead, I made another mistake of social media today: I went through the...
  • Sep
    The other day I was walking in the woods and saw a pair of adult turkeys staring out at me from behind a tree, through the brush. I shot a photo of them, and put it on Facebook, captioned "Turkey Lurkey." Turkeys lurking, get it? Anyway, I thought it kind of clever. The phrase kept running through my mind, and I gradually recalled where I'd heard it. In the kids' story about Chicken...
  • Sep
    Blog: Earp's blog. By Earp at 1:51 PM.
    From a eulogy for Prevention Magazine editor-in-chief Mark Bricklin by Greg Gutfeld: "Bricklin taught you to write tight and fast, and trim everything that didn't matter. He had a simple test -- he called it 'the hot spot.' Every paragraph -- yes -- every single paragraph -- had to include one memorable sentence that made the paragraph worth existing. If that hot spot didn't exist, you had...
  • Sep
    Iain Aschendale
    Blog: ...from a dark place. By Iain Aschendale at 2:49 AM.
    Unlike a lot of what I write, this is in no way tongue-in-cheek. A little bit late, but serious. Mrs. A and I watched a bit of the Tokyo Paralympics these last couple weeks. It was on directly after the news, and we seem to have reached that age where watching the news feels important. The progress of the pandemic and state(s) of emergency directly impact how and where I'll be working, so I...
  • Aug
    Blog: Earp's blog. By Earp at 12:06 PM.
    I've never even visited Reddit, but their CEO, Steve Huffman, has made me a fan for life with his reply to calls for Reddit to ban 'disinformation and conspiracy theories' from the platform: Dissent is a part of Reddit and the foundation of democracy. Reddit is a place for open and authentic discussion and debate. This includes conversations that question or disagree with popular consensus....
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