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  • zoupskim
    Blog: zoupskim's blog. By zoupskim at 3:44 AM.
    The universe aligned, the spin of planets, and stars, and galaxies slowed, and the ancient spires of the mountain temple sat at the epicenter of all divine and cosmic force. Spirits, demons, and all manner of holy and fel beings, converged to the coven stronghold. Great gongs sounded in anticipation of the gathering, rich aromas filled the mountains with ecstasy and vision, and thought,...
  • zoupskim
    Blog: zoupskim's blog. By zoupskim at 12:43 AM.
    In the Universe of God, in the milky way galaxy, in the Sol... solar system, on the 3rd planet from the sun, in the county of America, in the state of North Carolina, in a small neighborhood with woods all around and little play parks between the houses, was a two story, three room house, with green shutters, and a big, cursive M hanging from the front door. Inside the house, in the living...
  • EFF_FireFly
    Blog: EFF_FireFly's blog. By EFF_FireFly at 9:43 PM.
    Calcium in our bones- Propelling us forward in great leaps and bounds. Skipping over planets, slipping around asteroids, and bouncing from satellite to satellite. Iron in our veins- Steel swimming forth molecule by molecule to build backbones unbreakable by strife or pain. Invulnerable to weakness. Determination to strive in the minuscule element. Forward, ever onward....
  • Dr.Jagabandhu Mishra
    The story of this fiction My Journey to Kanchanpur (India) is based during early part of 20th century. The fiction is about a young man Sridhar coming from England after completion of his study to India. He did not have a job and joined the job of Deputy Dewan of princely state of Kanchanpur India. The fiction is published by Amazon as paperback edition and Amazon kindle as e book.
  • Iain Aschendale
    Blog: Iain Aschendale's blog. By Iain Aschendale at 4:22 PM.
    Some spoilers will follow, but I'll try to keep them minor and not hitting any key plot points. A Broomhandle? Really? Computers? Maybe. Wait, what's that captain's rank? Wrong boots. Well, the Army changes uniforms faster and more frequently than a Japanese bride changes her dresses, but that hat don't look right to me. A pay phone? How did four Hueys and a Chinook just change into twelve...