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  • Jan
    J.D. Ray
    Blog: J.D. Ray's blog. By J.D. Ray at 3:59 AM.
    I recently finished reading Lonesome Dove, that staple of American Literature that was made famous by the all-star TV miniseries from 1989. In the first few pages, I laughed regularly at McMurtry's phraseology and regular witticisms. I fell into the genre enough that, ten pages into the book, I stopped to write a ~1300 word story with the same flavor (though perhaps not the same quality of...
  • Iain Aschendale
    Blog: ...from a dark place. By Iain Aschendale at 4:21 AM.
    Alternate Endings, Suppressed. I. Resistance The young boy's voice sounded so far away, so very far away. Elsa looked around the cramped space that had been her home for the last six months. The battle was over. Germany had won the war. The roaring in her ears drowned out everything but the sound of her heart pounding in her chest, a pounding so loud that she was certain that the men of...
  • Jan
    it's one of those classic January winter days in the upper Midwest -- bright blue sky dazzling off stiff snow, sparse thin snowflakes drifting down as though squeezed from the sky itself. The birds come and go from the feeder, black-capped chickadees, myriad types of finches, a Cardinal couple sometimes together, sometimes alone, a Bluejay dashing down and back, even a red-bellied woodpecker....
  • Jan
    W and I were at the grocery store, getting some last-minute stuff in preparation for her upcoming flight. By way of background, she is Chinese-born but a naturalized citizen, petite, polite. She was looking for something and talking with me about it at the same time, deviated slightly from her forward route, and banged against another shopper's cart. He was a big man, gray-haired, obviously...
  • Dogberry's Watch
    I had a dream the other night that I'm thinking of turning into a short story and then posting that up here for critique. I've only entered poetry contests and haven't put much else of my work up here aside from blog posts and journal entries. But the blog posts and journals are more stream of consciousness and not all that good "writing." I do want to get feedback eventually on stuff I...
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