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  • Cave Troll
    Blog: Cave Troll's blog. By Cave Troll at 2:40 AM.
    Funny in November it will be 4 years since we parted. Pisses me off that you replaced me so easily. He is a jackass as you have often told me. I loved you once, and you me. But that is the past. And I love to hate you, and hate to love you. So how does it feel being happy? That you have your jackass? One day I will be loved again, one day. And come November you will be entirely dead...
  • SoulGalaxyWolf
    Blog: SoulGalaxyWolf's blog. By SoulGalaxyWolf at 6:03 PM.
    I've known that you shouldn't "tell" but show the readers what's happening in the book. I knew, but apparently I still "told" the readers. I guess I don't really know how to show all that much. I try, I've been practicing. I try to use the five senses and everything to help with the show thingy. I try not to info dump. There's this recent super short story I've written a long time ago that I...
  • Arktaurous34
    Blog: Arktaurous34's blog. By Arktaurous34 at 2:29 PM.
    There are a great many moments in a young mans life that offer contributions to his dreams. Some more substantial than others. I write now to pay homage to one such moment in my life; a moment that first presented itself in the form of an accusation of all things. It was over two decades ago in an overcrowded middle school on the fringe of an old desert town in Miss Froude's seventh grade...
  • OJB
    Blog: OJB's blog. By OJB at 9:18 PM.
    Summary: A group of young adults finds themselves stranded on an island (which is actually a burial mound for those who died at sea during the Wolrd Wars) and begin to explore. During their exploration, they find sheep fenced up. One of the men, while drunk, kills one of the sheep and causes the spirits on the ghost to rise. The Ghost kills the group. Notes: I don't consider this to be the...
  • Cave Troll
    Blog: Cave Troll's blog. By Cave Troll at 8:29 PM.
    Hello, After a good long look inside myself, and reflecting upon things I have decided that no one can have me. Not that it is even a blip on anyone's radar, but it is time to listen to the voices of reason. I am working on me, and trying to find better ways to love myself (in all ways), that I cannot find in trying to find in someone else. It is just a waste of effort to go looking for...