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  • Nov
    Blog: ISalem's blog. By ISalem at 10:50 PM.
    We spend our whole life looking for a best friend. However, what is the best definition for a best friend? Isn’t the closest friend and the one who we have the longest relationship with? Why don't we treat ourselves as our best friend? Isn't ourselves the closest one and longest one to have a relationship with? Don’t we deserve to treat ourselves as best friend?!
  • Nov
    Blog: Earp's blog. By Earp at 6:35 PM.
    I think that any auto manufacturer who wants to offer a car with a self-driving feature should be required by law to have the technology work like the automatic pilot in Airplane!. [MEDIA]
  • Nov
    Vince Higgins
    Blog: Vince Higgins's blog. By Vince Higgins at 10:36 PM.
    Not really a fan of the fantasy genre, but was a fan of many bands and artists during the seventies. Younger fantasy fans may or may not be familiar with this band. I found this video of one song featuring the artwork of the painter Roger Dean, who illustrated many of their, and other artist's albums. Enjoy. [MEDIA]
  • Vince Higgins
    Blog: Vince Higgins's blog. By Vince Higgins at 9:07 PM.
    I had a heart attack in 2008. I had gotten quite fat, and did not get much exercise. I have had a bicycle most of my life. In 2006 I got a nice one because an opportunity arose for me to commute to work easily by bike. By 2008 I was riding ten miles comfortably, and had lost thirty pounds when it happened, while I was riding the bike. A passer by saw me and called 911. When I came too, I...
  • Cave Troll
    Blog: Cave Troll's blog. By Cave Troll at 5:04 AM.
    Been having a bunch of mixed feelings about life lately. Adjusting to my new prescription lenses ( now with no scratches to better see how craptastic things are.) Neg: I haven't gotten too much writing done. Been a bit rough the past few months, and I never look forward to Nov or Dec, still find it all quite exhaustive and depressing. Not liking the Coof, and it isolating crap. Also getting...
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