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  • Jul
    Cave Troll
    Blog: Cave Troll's blog. By Cave Troll at 12:58 AM.
    Haven't done one of these things for a bit, so I thought I would make one. :P I am happy. I am loved by a wonderful lady, that is my world. :supersmile::friend: There is no other, nor will there ever be. Also cooking some ideas for stories in my head, and kinda slogging along on my WIP. Though I have been tasked with Beta reading Lady S's book for group this Thursday. Mind you not the...
  • GrahamLewis
    The heat wave has broken, and typical summer temps have settled back in. Like all waves, the heat wave broke with a crash, this the crash of thunder and heavy rain. W and I had gone further north to a fund-raising auction, and got there just as the rains did. The massive tents were flapping in the wind, and rivulets of water ran through, including over electric cords, which tended to make...
  • Iain Aschendale
    Blog: ...from a dark place. By Iain Aschendale at 6:22 AM.
    The Baby Boom generation is generally defined as people born between 1946 and 1964. My generation, Generation X, is defined as people born between the early to mid-1960s to the early 80s. Millenials don't have as sharp of lines, but I've seen 81-96 when I looked around. So let's put that on the back of the envelope. So if we define childbearing age as between, say, 18 and 35 (yes, it is...
  • Jul
    Blog: Frazen's blog. By Frazen at 2:01 PM.
    Warning: This is pretty much a rant. And yet another day that I can't force myself to sleep early. My mind is bursting at the seams. I so wish I could channel my thoughts and feelings to someone whom I had understood and built a connection with. It's been difficult to convince myself that the reason I'm away from my family for freaking 5 years (dammit!) is just writing. I have no writers...
  • Ahmed1337
    Blog: Ahmed1337's blog. By Ahmed1337 at 12:22 AM.
    So Ive got three ideas for my first full length story. Im going to put a ton of work into one of them but i dont know which. I was wondering if some kind people could voice their opinions on whichever one seems more promising. Story 1: Genre: Fantasy Note: This story is set in a modern world of magic, where a few people have magic powers which are closely regulated. Plot: Two brothers are...