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  • OJB
    Blog: OJB's blog. By OJB at 12:56 AM.
    Welcome to part 11 of my study of Idylls of the King. Today we will be looking at Chapter 10, The Last Tournament. In this chapter, Guinevere's adopted son (remember, she can't have children) dies. She asks Arthur to host a tournament in the child's honor, having a ruby necklace as the prize. Arthur agrees, but before he can host it, news of a 'Red Knight' attacking the north reaches him....
  • OJB
    Blog: OJB's blog. By OJB at 6:13 PM.
    Welcome to part 10 of my study of Idylls of the King. Today we will be looking at chapter 9, Pelleas and Ettarre. KING ARTHUR made new knights to fill the gap Left by the holy quest; (Lines 1-2, Pelleas and Ettarre) Pelleas, a young man, is one of the new knights of Arthur, and, after being knighted, he returns to his homelands to protect it. Once there, he sees a beautiful woman named...
  • Aug
    Blog: Ponderings of a Pachyderm. By Wreybies at 6:44 PM.
    Trigger Finger It holds the pen above the page. Turns the key to endless rage. On lands of gender, race, and thought. Conversations tied in a knot. Sputter, spit, fall to the floor. Causes, pauses, ire galore. Boredom guides the trollish hand. Lemming-like, we join the band. We dance and follow, you and me, over the cliff and into the sea.
  • OJB
    Blog: OJB's blog. By OJB at 10:38 PM.
    Welcome to part 9 of my study of Idylls of the king. Today we will be looking at chapter 8, The Holy Grail. This story is rather straight forward. While Arthur is away, a number of his knights see a vision of the Holy Grail (this occurs after Galahad sits on Merlin's seat.) Having seen the vision of the Grail, The knights swear a vow to find it. King Arthur returns and hears the story, but he...
  • Aug
    Blog: Foxxx's blog. By Foxxx at 12:31 AM.
    I already knew what would happen and still I sat there by myself in theater 12, holding back tears. Once I walked out of AMC and crossed the parking-lot to my car, that's when I cried. Just like the previous four times. "Your Name" is an anime film about a guy and girl who switch bodies temporarily, and figuring out the meaning of that is what brings them together. There's more to it but I...