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  • Aug
    Blog: Richach's blog. By Richach at 11:17 PM.
    After somewhere approaching eighteen months, I think I have solved the biggest issue with my writing and I could not be happier. I remember when words flowed very easily. It was not uncommon for me to write between a thousand and five or six thousand words per night after work. Admittedly the standard was somewhat inferior compared to now, but I looked back on those days and really missed...
  • Not the Territory
    Lately I've been seeing narcissism as a misnomer, not only for the fact that it's become a catch-all term for neurotic behaviour in general. I think the story of Narcissus and Echo is a greater caution for the latter. To very broadly sum up the 20th and 21st pervasive 'narcissist:' he has a strong narrative about himself and does insane things to project/protect that image. Grandiose or...
  • OurJud
    Blog: MY GUITAR ENDEAVOURS. By OurJud at 5:29 PM.
    So it's finished finished. I'm still not convinced the set-up is perfect. The action at the nut was very high so I adjusted the truss rod and got it closer. I must admit I was doing it blind, turning the allen key without really knowing what I was doing. I then had to play around with the height of the bridge and tailpiece because I was getting terrible buzz when fretting high up the neck....
  • LitWhispers
    Blog: LitWhispers's blog. By LitWhispers at 6:22 PM.
    It can take some time to come to terms with who you are. For me, it turned out to be eighteen years of self-loathing and unadulterated violence against myself to meet with the version of me that I would end up with. Nothing in life is ever easy, despite often thinking the opposite. Peeling an orange requires the skill not to be sore when you wind up with squirted juice on your eyes....
  • GrahamLewis
    “Don’t push the river. It flows by itself.” Barry Stevens The thread on “Random Thoughts” about finding tickets to sold-out sporting events (ah the good old pre-pandemic age) reminded me of an incident in my younger days, an intersection of new age thinking and age-old sporting events. For reasons not relevant here, one October Saturday afternon long ago I found myself with some free...
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