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  • EFMingo
    Blog: EFMingo's blog. By EFMingo at 3:37 PM.
    I think I’m most afraid when I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do. Maybe you know the feeling. When you’re completely ready to go and kick another task to the curb, but there isn’t one. I’m talking about the times when you finish a large bit of work and you have that immediate high that you can accomplish anything. You know, a little smile of pride on your face? Like when you finish a...
  • May
    Blog: EFMingo's blog. By EFMingo at 4:10 AM.
    They don’t talk about the listlessness. It’s been around two years since I “got out” of the Marine Corps, and the itch to go back lingers day in and out. But that ship sailed with the breaking of my legs. I’m a bit of a cripple of sorts (not wheel chair crippled, bless those poor bastards’ souls), though I probably will never run again. I’ll always have a limp in my right leg. No one escapes...
  • Madman
    Blog: Madman's blog. By Madman at 9:03 PM.
    In my mind I have visions of great cities built in antique classical style with modern elements. I have the vision of uniting people of different extremes by having them work together and accomplish goals together. I have visions of clothes and hats with various extravagant patterns and different colours. I may not be able to realise these things in our world, but I will realise them on paper...
  • O.M. Hillside
    Blog: O.M. Hillside's blog. By O.M. Hillside at 10:09 AM.
    I tend to expound at length the different shades of feeling like shit, but right now I actually feel pretty good. Nothing special or interesting about it. But I feel at peace and I feel optimistic. It's odd how, in feeling optimistic, I don't need to explain my childhood or relations with others, it just is. Yet, if things suck, then I've got to talk about all the flaws of society and my...
  • GrahamLewis
    Blown by all the winds that pass And wet with all the showers Those lines from Robert Louis Stevenson’s children’s poem, “The Cow,” came to mind yesterday morning as I stood on my back stoop, watching my cottontail friend munching the cracker he had taken from my hand. The sky was gray and all was wet from the rain that had stopped not long earlier. My friend’s fur was wet and stringy, and...
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