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  • Vince Higgins
    Blog: Vince Higgins's blog. By Vince Higgins at 11:43 PM.
    From how my wife described it, it's eloquent gibberish.
  • TK
    Blog: TK's blog. By TK at 4:58 PM.
    So I finally decided to open up my own blog. I don't really know what to do but I'm just gonna post what I think could fit here and what I think I'd like to post in here. Side note here: If you'd like to spend your time with important things then you can kindly exit. I wont really guarantee cool and interesting stuff like other blogs and all. Just what I want to post. Oh and also, I'm trying...
  • Jan
    Vince Higgins
    Blog: Vince Higgins's blog. By Vince Higgins at 6:29 AM.
    I have decided to give my pen name a middle name I am now Vincent A Higgins. Aloysius, after a saint in the church I left at the age of seventeen. At eighteen I was sent invitations to apply to several colleges. One of them was one I had never heard of, with a very funny name. It was in Spokane WA, and was called Gonzaga. I would later find it was named after Saint Aloysius Gonzaga.
  • GrahamLewis
    As of now, my creative well seems to have run dry. The best I can do is dig through half-finished stories and see about finishing them, or at least dressing the up differently. I hope it's a temporary thing, but, like most writers I know or know of, there is always the underlying fear that the pump will never again be primed. So I decided to write here, in hopes of doing some priming....
  • GrahamLewis
    My mother is dying. Not of any particular affliction, but, as she will be the first to tell you, of old age. She's 97 years old, curled up by back issues, knees shot, only one kidney, wispy white hair, eyes that reflect light in brightness, wrinkled skin, and a smile that is both sweet and pensive. She's blessed -- or perhaps cursed -- with a genetic tendency toward long life. Her dad...
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