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  • May
    The Piper
    Blog: The Piper's blog. By The Piper at 11:31 AM.
    So today is, as they say, the first day of the rest of my life. I physically shuddered while writing that line, but all cringing aside, this is where I start making a better life for myself. I just came out of my last exam for this year, meaning my first year of university is now completely over and done with. I went in with a "as long as I pass" kind of attitude, and I came out thinking...
  • May
    Blog: MeghanPhoxx's blog. By MeghanPhoxx at 4:23 AM.
    8:24 Current situation is watching 90 Day Fiance with the bong on the end table, I feel like it's too far away, like these are the times to have extra arms. Anyway, so 90 days is not enough time to be engaged to someone, like maybe from the same country because you guys are already use to the ways of your own land. I try to imagine what it would be like if I went on , haha, could you...
  • Foxxx
    Blog: Foxxx's blog. By Foxxx at 8:16 PM.
    It isn't a conspiracy. I saw it with my own two eyes. Or actually one eye, since I'm blind in one eye. Stan Lee came into our establishment today (I wasn't working, but in the cafe reading) and he sat down with a beautiful woman from Hanoi, having ordered himself a coffee and an overpriced fruity drink for her. It's on the tip of my tongue... whatever you call it when you get a beautiful...
  • May
    It was only by chance that I saw him kill that young fellow. It was only by chance that I would be standing in the exact spot to see that slender soft spoken boy, wrap his hands around that young fellow’s neck and chuck him over the side of a dirt mound onto a pile of upstanding pipes. As that young fellow was falling, I could’ve sworn I’d seen him smile before being impaled. In that...
  • exweedfarmer
    Blog: exweedfarmer's blog. By exweedfarmer at 7:20 PM.
    What did I learn from last months drubbing? 1. Don't call the readers idiots directly or indirectly. 2. Don't over think it. Dash it off. Edit. Call it good. 3. Better a good vignette than a bad story. 4. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtin or the prompt. There is no point. Why write with restriction if no one else does? Right then! I'm ready....