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  • X.x.V.x.X
    Blog: X.x.V.x.X's blog. By X.x.V.x.X at 3:42 PM.
    This is a one hundred word short story! Imprisoned, trapped, confined behind goggles of confusion. This is something nobody can take their eyes off and something I can't take off; for I wish my eyes a long life. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; if so my two pound sunglasses were wrongly priced. The smell of grit, sweat and alcohol matched the dimmed pink sky and lopsided palm...
  • GrahamLewis
    Nothing of any significance today, just a bit of bemusement. I've worked hard to keep our backyard creature-friendly; there's lots of ground cover, and only the barest minimum of lawn care (e.g. weed and feed) on the half of the yard nearest the house. The other half I mostly leave to itself. And we have no domestic predator, that is, no dog or cat. So we have the rabbits I've mentioned...
  • Iain Aschendale
    Blog: Iain Aschendale's blog. By Iain Aschendale at 9:57 AM.
    When "the Lord" or "Lord" is invoked without further detail specifying which Lord is being addressed, all inquiries and requests will be routed to the Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Magid Magid. [IMG] Check your assumptions before you criticize the bling.
  • Foxxx
    Blog: Foxxx's blog. By Foxxx at 7:04 AM.
    Whenever I finish reading a book - in this case Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek - I like to write at least one blog about it. I do this partly to help retain and learn the information myself, but also to share it with others, and hopefully surprise myself along the way. Challenge myself. However, this book covers a vast and complicated territory. Topics range from human biology and...
  • paperbackwriter
    Blog: paperbackwriter's blog. By paperbackwriter at 3:18 AM.
    I can be reflective, possibly obsessive about themes like this. I really need to translate this into a serious blog or article or even a work of fiction. Turn it into a positive. because otherwise if I allow it to be a negative, it just consumes my days unproductively. Who we are, who we become is largely influenced by our role, the part we play in our family. I think I project my family role...