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  • GrahamLewis
    A little bit of literary drivel with none of the angst or deep thoughts that most bloggers here present. Just a bit of animal tomfoolery. I bought a cheap bag of wild-bird seed, called "Country Bird Mix," but it turned out to be primarily cracked corn and millet, with only a few of the real seeds mixed in. Not what I wanted for the bird feeder, but I quickly realized it would be perfect for...
  • exweedfarmer
    Blog: exweedfarmer's blog. By exweedfarmer at 4:51 PM.
    I find myself bringing up the rear in this month's short story contest again. I shouldn't complain about being bested because some of you folks are really good. I've entered ten short stories and I've won twice, that's a pretty good average. We had a run away winner again this month but for the life of me I can't find anything to like about this story. It has a great big plot hole in getting...
  • 31152104
    Blog: 31152104's blog. By 31152104 at 5:15 PM.
    A computer changes everything. For almost a year now, none I had. Malpractice, tech breaks down. Now I am jacked once more. Writing while listening to music on headphones. Pen and paper is dead when compared to such interfunction. Or is it? A writer dipping his pen in ink(more time to think if ink not ever flows) listening to Wagner on the gramophone. Socrates formulating his thoughts while...
  • GrahamLewis
    I think I've written before that I have an autistic son. No, I should say my 22-year-old son has autism. Anyway, he is or does. He's a bright, mostly-happy young man who does not quite get what the larger social world is all about. He tries his best to accept it, but has no real desire to "fit in" beyond the part-time jobs he has (and would just as soon not have). He loves numbers and...
  • Sep
    Blog: Frazen's blog. By Frazen at 2:21 PM.
    Why doesn't it feel good to write anymore? It's like I can't feel any interest towards characters or stories, not in reading nor in writing. Every story feels bland and insipid. I like to think that I'll write something substantial one day, but when it feels so meaningless, I don't really know if I can do it. I was thinking about the term "depression". I've never considered going to a...