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  • paperbackwriter
    Blog: paperbackwriter's blog. By paperbackwriter at 12:51 AM.
    Oh looks like someone has started a thread over there. What's it about ? Oh of course. The family scapegoat. Family member X. We all have a grievance against Family Member X. What a great way of creating solidarity for the rest of us, and making sure we aren't the family pariah. . Distancing ourselves from such childish behaviour. That makes me feel so mature. Oh look here. Someone is sharing...
  • Frazen
    Blog: Frazen's blog. By Frazen at 8:57 AM.
    Grab my ears and haul them, cut them away. Smother the burning liquid spirit of music, save me from the hypnotic suppression of livid vibrations, the delirious hallucinations of alien cosmic composers. Let them spew any wretched sound that they want, yet shield me in your void. The end is unwritten, the end is mine. I stand against the telekinesis of fate, as the echolocators skulk and scan...
  • Jan
    Blog: Foxxx's blog. By Foxxx at 8:10 PM.
    When I'm out on the pitch my inner white stallion takes over, untamed without reigns and saddle, free to gallop the wild great plains. First game of the rec league was last night. Playing keeper; I'd be omitting the fact that I'm incredibly out of shape if I only said I was playing the position because it's fun. I do enjoy it though, and I'm good enough at it. And I get to play the whole game...
  • GrahamLewis
    No, not really, not in the sense of ghosts or spectres. What I see, in my mind and memory, are images of people past, those I knew personally who have moved on to the unknown realm. Starting with my first friend Bobby, who I knew in my preschool age years and who died a few years later of cancer. He's always around, in those vague and early memories of discovering life and the world. My...
  • Jan
    Blog: Foxxx's blog. By Foxxx at 4:21 PM.
    I've been sick for nearly two weeks now. I was slowly feeling better... but now I'm not so sure. I've had (admittedly slight) lockjaw and muscle tightness in my neck for the third day in a row now. There's no brown line where I got poked by that nail New Year's day (we were throwing out some wood at a friend's because they're renovating a new house), and no swelling or signs of infection. No...